BioMedical Machines/Equipment

Agglutination Viewer...

This Medical Laboratories and blood bank equipment is use for blood typing, cross matching, prothrombin time, kahn and other agglutinations, flocculations, and serodiagnostic test. This instruments use to the user to magnify the under surface bottom of the test tubes contents (blood) using the clearer lighted magnifying lens. In order to make it easier and clearer accurate reading than a magnifying lens.

Konikoff Harry designed an equipment called Combined lamp and mirror structures and was published for patent on May 7, 1940 in United States, which has the same description of this equipment.

This equipment used stainless body, no transformer use for primary circuit, have a 220 voltages input, compatible with LED bulb and incandescent bulb, light control adjuster, off/on, adjustable high, changeable position of magnifying lens and bulb. The line circuit protected with fuse and the bulb protected with thermal fuse, more additional information here: Biomedical