What Makes Tagaytay the 2nd Summer Capital of the Philippines

What Makes Tagaytay the 2nd Summer Capital of the Philippines Edwin Deponte 5 of 5
Apparently, Tagaytay got its sobriquet from a rather macabre story. It goes like this: A hunter and his son were out in the woods loo...

Apparently, Tagaytay got its sobriquet from a rather macabre story. It goes like this: A hunter and his
son were out in the woods looking for a wild boar when they were suddenly jumped on by a particularly
fierce one. Legend has it that as the beast charge, the son repeatedly cried out, “Taga, Itay!” (“Cut him
down, Dad!”), as if you needed to be told twice at that point! Anyway, the kid’s shout echoed throughout
the ridge and was heard by the people living in the vicinity. They became the talk of the town, and that’s
how the place got christened Tagaytay.

Today, Tagaytay is the second most popular summer destination in the Philippines, and some of the
best residential areas like Tagaytay Highlands dot the city. No sane Filipino alive would disregard it
whenever making plans for the summer. So on the off-chance that you haven’t been there before, here
are some of the things that made this ridge a must-visit during hot seasons.

Its Food

Aside from its rampaging wild boars (none of which has been spotted downtown for quite a while now),
Tagaytay is also where you can get some of the best dishes and delicacies in the Philippines. Some of
their most popular food choices include buko tarts from Rowena’s, cheese hopia from Sonya’s Garden,
and Angel Cookies from the Pink Sisters’ Convent. Oh, and Tagaytay is also a good place to get bulalo
(that’s the stew made with veggies, marrow bones, and beef shanks). Come to think of it, maybe the
father-and-son duo was out hunting because they want to have a bowl of hot bulalo. They should have
gone to Leslie’s instead!

Its Sceneries

But Tagaytay isn’t just known for its food! The ridge overlooks Batangas’ Taal Lake as well as the
volcano island smacked in the middle of it. This little yet majestic Earth-pimple is one of the main
reasons people flock to the city in droves, with locals and tourists alike elbowing each other to enjoy
the panoramic view it offers. Perhaps even the hunter and his son enjoyed its picturesque landscapes
while taking a breather after shaking off that wild boar chasing them. Maybe they took refuge in the
Starbucks Cafe along Aguinaldo Highway, while the boar is cooling itself out with a venti-sized
frappuccino at the one in Skyranch!

Its Climate

And then there’s Tagaytay’s signature climate. There’s probably no need to tell you about this at this
point, but the cold weather afforded by the ridge to its residents and visitors is also a principal reason
why Tagaytay is the second most visited summer capital of the Philippines. It makes drinking coffee
and eating a hot breakfast there all the more enjoyable, and it would undoubtedly make sipping a hot
bowl of bulalo soup there an unforgettable experience. Almost as unforgettable as that time the hunter
almost got gored by an angry wild boar! Again, they should have stayed out of the boar’s territory and
made do with the chain of bulalo restaurants littering the city instead!

Tagaytay Today

Who would have thought that a city that got its name from a particularly funny hunting story would rise
to be one of the most popular spots in the Philippines? And yet that is what Tagaytay is right now! If
you don’t believe us, then go take a drive there and see for yourself!

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