Tips to Jumpstart Your Social Marketing Campaign in 2019

Tips to Jumpstart Your Social Marketing Campaign in 2019 Edwin Deponte 5 of 5
2018 saw a lot of new features and trends emerging in popular social media platforms. So for 2019 , you would do well if you take adv...

2018 saw a lot of new features and trends emerging in popular social media platforms. So for 2019,
you would do well if you take advantage of these updates and use them in your social media
campaigns. Here’s how:

Increase Ad Spending

Invest in paid ads to increase your target audience on social media this 2019. These days, reaching
them out via organic content is getting harder and harder, and you can’t influence them if they’re not
following you. Paid ads enable you to target them better using social media platforms. Thus, by
increasing your spending on advertisements, you’ll be able to improve the way you attract potential
customers through social networks.

Optimize Video Strategy

If you’re still not utilizing social videos to promote your brand, then this year is the perfect time to get
started. But if, like the JSMM-VBM social media marketing team, you’re already doing so, you can
further improve your strategy by making a few adjustments. Begin by optimizing your videos that can
deliver your message with the sound off. Then edit your site’s format so that it can look great on both
your audience’s desktops and phones. Finally, keep your videos short and make sure it can deliver
your message to your target people immediately.

Post More Stories

Take advantage of Facebook’s and Instagram’s Stories features this 2019 and create more
in-the-moment content. Not only is it getting increasingly popular, but it can also give you a chance
to improve engagement and interaction with target audiences through reactions, polls, and votes.
Stories enable your guests to participate in the content creation process, and it allows them to better
influence how they want your brand delivered to them. Plus, in-the-moment content seems more
authentic for them, making them more likely to trust you.

Create Awesome Experiences

One of the things hotels plan to do in their marketing strategy is to make sure their guests have a
terrific stay, increasing the chances of them returning or recommending the establishment to others.
In a similar fashion, you should also make sure that your target audience has a blast whenever they
encounter your content. That way, your brand will earn their loyalty, and they will more likely refer it to

Start a Loyalty Program

Speaking of loyalty, another way you can earn it from your target audience is by dishing out some
terrific incentives. Consider making a loyalty program this year where site visitors and potential
customers can receive goodies such as special discounts, tickets to movies, and even an
all-expenses-paid vacation. This will show them that there’s much to gain in being loyal to your brand.

Partner With Influencers

Social media algorithms are being changed to prioritize content regularly sought after by users over
more recently made ones. Like it or not, people really look up to social media influencers, regularly
consuming their content and helping them earn more status online. Thus, it’s essential for you to
collaborate with good influencers and make them part of your social media marketing strategy this
2019 to improve your brand’s visibility.

Got Any Tips For Us?

How about you? Do you have any social media marketing advice for us this 2019? Let us know in the
comments section below!

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