5 ways you can use a fire blanket to avoid fire hazards

5 ways you can use a fire blanket to avoid fire hazards Ailsa Ewert 5 of 5
The world has advanced impeccably, nonetheless, the problems are pretty much the same. From natural disasters such as earth quakes to ele...
Fire_Hazards_ProtectionThe world has advanced impeccably, nonetheless, the problems are pretty much the same. From natural disasters such as earth quakes to electrical shocks and fire breakouts, there is less we can do about them. However, when it comes to curbing a situation such as a fire break out, we can surely use the right equipment to control it, if not end it completely.

For this reason, fire safety equipment such as a fire extinguisher, a fire protection blanket, smoke alarms and others can come handy. While all of you are familiar with smoke alarms, fire hose reels, and fire extinguishers, it is imperative to let you know that a fire blanket is equally essential.

If you are not aware of the ways you can use it, which situations to use it in, or both, take a look below and learn.

How to use a Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are usually packed in small bags colored red. There are two loops hanging below the bag which helps open the blanket in case of an emergency.
Once you pull both the loops together, the fire blanket will be released immediately.

Advantages of a Fire Blanket

It is less you can do when a fire breaks out but if you have a fire blanket handy, you can do a lot to end it immediately. The basic advantage is, of course, to control a fire outbreak. Since it is made up of heat and fire resistant material, it is highly advantageous when a bad fire outbreak situation arises.

Different situations you can use a Fire Blanket in

A fire protection blanket can come handy in various situations. While you can only use a fire extinguisher on items and not people, it is for this reason that blankets play a vital role.
Take a look below to know how to and when to use a fire blanket.
·        In Kitchens
All kitchens have stoves and most of them burn on gas while only a few percentage of kitchens use electric stoves. If you have a gas burner in your kitchen, a fire blanket can be really helpful in case of an emergency.

Whether it is a commercial kitchen of a restaurant or a domestic kitchen, fire outbreaks can happen at any time. In case a fire becomes uncontrollable when on the stove, the ideal way to use a blanket is to lay it over the fire safely. DO NOT throw it on the fire. You can leave the blanket for 15 minutes so that it curbs the fire while you can turn off the fire source.

·        Outdoor Barbeques
Outdoor barbeques are fun when you play them with your friends and family members. Nonetheless, things can become tricky and dangerous since barbeque grills are involved.
Keeping a fire protection blanket nearby can be helpful if a fire disaster takes place. In case your grill is on fire, you can simply open the blanket and lay it over on the uncontrollable fire. Sometimes the fire can also fall on the grass, which can light up! Use the same principle and place the fire blanket on top of anything which has caught fire.

·        On a Person
The best part about fire blankets is that they can be used for people to cover them in the case of fire emergencies. Whether a fire outbreak takes place in a hotel room, in a school or simply outdoor, if a person catches fire, it can be curbed by using a fire blanket.
The ideal way is to immediately, yet safely wrap the person in the blanket and rub the fiery spot using soft hands. However, beware of the flames and keep your own hands and clothes secure.

·        Animals
Obviously, you cannot use a fire extinguisher on an animal, hence always go for a fire blanket. If you have a pet at home which catches fire, simply use a fire blanket to help stop its pain and agony.
In case you see a stray animal on fire, you can toss over the fire blanket and help it roll off the flames on the ground too.

·        Furniture
Furniture is usually made out of wood and using water on it can ruin it. In case your furniture starts burning, you can cure the flames and the increasing fire by using a fire blanket. You can lay the blanket on the furniture for about 10 minutes so that the fire does not get caught by other items.

·        Walk out of Fire
Sometimes you cannot put out a fire and you have no option other than leaving the scene. In this case, instead of walking through the hot flames everywhere, it is best to wrap yourself and others around you in a fire blanket for added safety.
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