Tips and Tricks for Thrift Shopper Wannabes

Tips and Tricks for Thrift Shopper Wannabes Patrick M. Greene 5 of 5
Image Courtesy: pixabay This is a guest post by Patrick M. Greene, who is a contributor at Ever noticed fas...
Image Courtesy: pixabay

This is a guest post by Patrick M. Greene, who is a contributor at

Ever noticed fashion bloggers using the word “thrifted”? Or probably you know someone who has a wardrobe worth 15 pesos below? Darling, all these are possible because of the magical thrift shops or in layman’s term, “ukay-ukay”. Originated from places like Baguio and Cebu – and now is about to invade the whole Philippines with its wide array of clothes to choose from. With that, here are some tips and tricks for thrift shopper wannabes:

      1.      Be sure about what you want to buy.

Remember: You do not have all the time and money in the world.  In order to save both, know and list down the things that you really need/want to buy. It will save you from buying unnecessary things that you might regret sooner or later and it will give you much time to search for the clothes you really want.

     2.      Wear comfortable clothes.

It’s time for those high heels to remain in their racks. Keep in mind that you are neither attending a fashion show nor a party –rather, you are in a battle. So better get yourself equipped with the right clothes like loose shirts, leggings and a pair of sneakers. This outfit would be really helpful if the thrift shop does not have fitting rooms. After grabbing the clothes you want, you can fit them anywhere without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

     3.       “Survival of the fittest”

One word: Determination. In order to find great clothes, of course, you have to be determined in doing so. You do not just stand there and wait for clothes to come near you and say Hey, I am in good condition and I bet you will get more likes in your Outfit of the Day (OOTD) post on Instagram if you wore me.” Because they won’t – and if they do, you probably need to get yourself checked. Anyway, my point is for you to rummage through every rack and hangers to find the perfect clothes for you.

     4.      Bring small bills and coins. (lots of them!)

As much as possible, a thrift shopper must avoid any kind of delays -  like waiting for your change. Bringing big amounts like P500 or P1000 in paper form is like turning your ukay-ukay adventure into more of a like a waiting session. Before hitting those thrift shops make sure you have plenty of “barya” in your purse so you can proceed to the next nearby stores fast.

    5.       Haggle.

Golden rule: Thou shall buy the item only if the price is right – well there’s some exceptions too. Nonetheless, a thrift shopper should know how to decrease the price by a quarter or by half (if you can). In layman’s term, “tawad”, this skill requires the art of persuasion and negotiation. Who knows you might just turn a 100-pesos dress into a total steal worth half of its original price.

     6.       Bring your own bag. (preferably backpack)

Buying lots of clothes are equivalent to having lots of not-so-environment-friendly plastic bags. To avoid this, it is advisable to bring your own bag wherein there you can put all of your treasures intact in one place.

     7.       Be wary and meticulous.

Beware of pickpockets, perverts and other bad elements roaming around, finding their next target. If you feel a little bit uncomfortable, go and tell the owner of the store or just simply find another shop to conquer. Do not be too occupied while fumbling through thrift shops- another golden rule: Safety first. Meanwhile, being meticulous means for you to check if the clothes are still in good condition. Do not buy stained clothes, check for holes and damages – in short, never settle for anything less.

     8.       Bring a companion with you.

Your companion could serve as your helping hand, your bodyguard, your fashion consultant or simply your friend to keep you company because things can get a little bit boring too.

     9.       Wear a smile and be friendly.

The way you present yourself and treat others is by far, two of the greatest things a thrift shopper should always have. It is a great way to lighten up yourself in this whole thrifting adventure. Do not go out there looking bored, stiff and moody – rather go and equip that “I’m ready” feeling like Spongebob, which goes perfectly with a good-vibes smile.

Those are just some of the things thrift shopper wannabes should bear in mind. Thrift shopping will never be an easy thing to do but if it is done with pure enthusiasm and determination, surely it will just be a piece of cake. Who knows you might be the next ukay-ukay queen or king.

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