Things I Learned From Bob Ong

Things I Learned From Bob Ong Patrick M. Greene 5 of 5
This well-known mysterious author, Bob Ong , has caught peruser's consideration with his witty, mocking, and funny lines. As a...

This well-known mysterious author, Bob Ong, has caught peruser's consideration with his witty, mocking, and funny lines. As a rule, stories are exhibited in the lightest and most clever way yet is depended on a genuine point, for example, legislative issues, drugs, and so forth. I, as a self-admitted fan, have taken in A LOT from his astute words. Furthermore, here are some of those that I need to impart to you:

1. It's alright to talk or write in Tagalog.  In business, as usual, there are just couple of individuals who still use Tagalog in their reviews and articles. Most likely in light of the fact that a few have this mindset of writing in English improves me an essayist and that is the thing that Bob Ong has officially demonstrated off-base. I discovered that it isn't about the medium you utilized yet on how well you associated with your perusers. Utilizing Tagalog when composing will never make you to a lesser extent an essayist, believe me (and Bob Ong).

 2. You are to confront an alternate world out there. You are not the focal point of the earth, so don't act like one. The world is brimming with various individuals, with various convictions, culture, and parcels more. Figure out how to regard. The universe has no space for tiaras and female canines (if you catch my drift).

 3. There is plenty of room for mistakes. (So, be solid!) It's typical for us to now and again hit the wrong secure and wreckage things. You may commit errors and loss expectation, and things may travel every which way yet hello you're still here. Furthermore, that is the thing that issues the most.

4. Infuse diversion in everything. Studies had demonstrated that a decent chuckle can build a man's life expectancy. Also, if that is the situation, Bob Ong's perusers would presumably include somewhat more years to their lives. In the event that you fizzled the test, don't' complain about it. Simply dismiss it all and obviously, do great whenever around. On the off chance that you inadvertently fell on the floor while your smash is around, shake the ponderousness out and give yourself a decent grunt.

5. In conclusion, simply do what you want to do. Try not to tune into your Dad when he disclosed to you that you'll never be a decent cook or a decent author. Or, on the other hand to your educator who disclosed to you that your venture merits a secondary school review, or fundamentally to any other person who tries to swipe off your thing. Fruitful individuals did not make it there by tuning into that wretched stuff, and Bob Ong needs all of us to do likewise. Disregard negative musings and simply do what you want to do and obviously, believe yourself. These are quite recently a portion of the life lessons I got from perusing Bob Ong's works. I trust this motivated you as much as it did to me.

What's more, to my eternity most loved the unknown author, Bob Ong, thank you for this, from your energetic fan, Patrick.

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