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The advancement of technology, the usefulness of computer for our home and to our work is very demanding around in our community and to the whole world. Even mobile phone from simple communication to a smart phone today's that's capable to create and stored important files and data from applications or in any database programs, office applications, internet files, or even in your own photograph, multimedia files like sounds and music. And in your favorite movies you stored in your computer disk.

These important files are very important, but sad to say because this file is stored in electronic computer storage. That we can't project when it will loss to your computer disk and make a protection in losing on it. This maybe because of a different factor like virus and malware infections, accidentally deleted, and or because of your USB flash drive error.

If you lose your important files from your computer disk, this is the best solutions to get rid of your problem, I recommend one of the best solutions that I use to recover my loss data. And now I use it to my any customer who seek any help to retrieve their important files. This is the STELLAR PHOENIX DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE. This is a professional edition to meet your needs in a highly precise manner in recovering your data loss.


This data recovery software allows to scan your computer completely. It can process to retrieve loss data at the same point. It has a complete option to create an image of a hard drive or a volume of partitions of a drive. This image can be used to retrieve loss files and data even the actual hard drive in not present. This is the best tools to retrieve data, particularly if the hard drive is in a state of failure during recovery process or a hard drive (HDD) have a chain of bad sectors.

You can trust this software to uproot and recovered all your loss files and data completely and save it in your backup storage like any external drive using USB port.


About the user interface is quite simple and very friendly user to use, easy to use and very effective you need only to click What To Recover to start your data recovery.


  1. User Friendly Interface.
  2. Multiple DPI Supported (100%, 125%, 150%).
  3. Support of Windows 10 including all previous Windows OS.
  4. Improved Unicode support.
  5. Support to search specific type of files in a logical drive/specific folder.
  6. Support to search specific folder for lost & deleted data.
  7. Automatic switching from Quick Scan to deep scan if the result of quick scan is not up to mark.
  8. Faster & more efficient scan engine.
  9. Simultaneous Scan of multiple File System (NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFat) in a logical drive.
  10. Better & fast Quick scan engine for searching lost partition.
  11. Option to turn On/ turn Off preview of files while scanning is in progress.
  12. Enhanced Scanning Progress and Details scanning status- scanning status, Time elapsed and Time Left.
  13. In Advanced Settings : Enhanced Support of Add New Header/Edit Header.
  14. Improved preview support.
  15. Raw Recovery support of HD-MOV (Cannon Camera model).
  16. Raw Files Recovery is done automatically with advance search.

  1. Categorization of scanned results
  2. Preview of files before recovery
  3. Raw recovery of volumes and hard drives to search data based on signatures
  4. Recovers data from accidentally deleted volumes
  5. Recovers data from formatted volumes
  6. Recovers deleted files and folders
  7. Recovers from hard disk, removable media such as pen drives, memory cards etc
  8. Resume recovery option to recover data later on
  9. Supports 300 or more File types
  10. Support of all types of CD/DVD with CDFS, UDF, HFS+ file system
  11. Tabbed view of scanned Tree - File Type / Tree View / Deleted List
  12. User can add / edit their file types which makes it more robust
  13. User can create image of hard disk and volumes for recovery

  1. Processor : Pentium Processors
  2. RAM : 1 GB minimum
  3. Hard Disk : 50 MB
  4. Operating Systems : Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP


Loss of files in a drive of the computer is the common problem of the use of the computers including in smart mobile phones. Me as experience computer troubleshooter, I always encountered users as my customers seeking help to retrieve their data as an important files. Through the Stellar Data Recovery Software, I fulfill what they need of my customers and made them comfortable with my service. Through Stellar my repair business made strong and profitable. If you want also this software, you can download here.   

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  1. This image can be used to retrieve loss files and data even the actual hard drive in not present.Mac trash bin data recovery

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