Duterte Keeps Lead as Time Magazine’s #1 Most Influential People of 2017

Duterte Keeps Lead as Time Magazine’s #1 Most Influential People of 2017 Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
            This is a guest post by Patrick M. Greene, who is a contributor at  https://essaytwist.com/ President Rodrigo Roa Duter...

           This is a guest post by Patrick M. Greene, who is a contributor at https://essaytwist.com/

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte of the Philippines is now currently holding the number one top spot as Time’s 100 most influential people of the world in an early online poll result.
The poll opened last March 24, 2017 and will close on April 16, 2017 and will be released by the Magazine’s editors on April 20 through 2017 edition Time 100.

As of writing, President Duterte obtained 5% of the vote and still rising.
Following the controversial President’s tirades against U.S. and the latest remarks against E.U. saying “You fools, you sons of b******, stop interfering with us.”
” No one will tell you, so I will tell you, you are all fools.”
“I will just be happy to hang you. If I have the preference, I’ll hang all of you,” he added. “You are putting us down. You are exerting pressure in every country with the death penalty.”

Days after that, EU summons an envoy from Philippines to explain the negative remarks.
It seems no matter what sort of words come out of him, people still look at him as an agent of change.
Just look at the approval rating conducted by Pulse Asia last December 6 to 11; it states 83% is still saying that they trust and are still satisfied with the President’s works.

And adding to that, according to Forbes, because of President Duterte’s decision to side with China against the U.S. (and Kim Jong Un’s nuclear bomb threats), further conflicts have been prevented and both U.S. and China’s tone had softened.

We may never really fully understand his ways but looking at the results that took form since his term, Philippines may finally have an upper hand to rise again from its slumber due to drugs and corruptions that overpowered the nation for the last couple of decades.

Last Monday, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella released a statement coming from the President about him expressing gratitude for the Filipino people for their continued support.
President Duterte is grateful to the Filipino all over the world for their support for him and his agenda of real change in the Philippine society.” He said.

Following his lead is the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Catholic leader Pope Francis and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, all with 3%.
U.S. President Donald Trump is behind with just 2% votes. That is perhaps because of his recent actions regarding travel ban against some Muslim countries and the recent failed Health care deal.
With 2% lead from its second in standing and still increasing, the odds are looking good for the rockstar President. And that is quite contrary with how some of the international personalities and media platforms have branded him as a mass murderer.

Millions of people all over the world seemed to be charmed by the Filipino President’s unorthodox approach on how to govern a country, and that includes his potty mouth and scandalous remarks.
With thousands of death counts and still counting relating to his anti-drug war campaign and yet the crime rate is dramatically decreasing according to Philippine National Police’s latest statistics, you will wonder which side is genuinely doing the right and noble job for the country.

It is still more than three weeks until the poll will reach to its conclusion. And until then, all the Filipino President supporters will have to cross their fingers if it would be “Digong” will be the one to reign as the Time’s most influential person of 2017.

If you want your vote to be counted, just visit Time.com.

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