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“What are the Education for young people through the community”

All the people living in a particular district A participation and sustained involvement of a young person in an activity with a focus outside of him or herself. Youth development, on building surrounded by adult support. Youth times of need encourage to be engaging and allow youth to adapt to and overcome diversities by developing positive relationships with adults.

  • Train For Good Behavior And Development
Train them to respect other people it is important because when they grow old they will also be an example to the young community. The proper social and emotional development of a child. Youth attachment to the community can be viewed in almost the same light. As youth get older the relationship developed meaningful, positive relationship with other adults. The community has demonstrated better social and emotional development, allowing youth participate in the community has shown to benefit greatly activities they develop the skills to be and effective leader.

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  • Development And Power To Influence 
When youth develops they realize they have the power to influence the decision at a school level. They will raise leadership, youth feel as they an obligation and set skills needed to represent a certain population. The community has arisen from development in global information technologies when community members in the actively participate in the design this skills ideas in any activities. 

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  • Community Through Culture And Religions
Members of a community have a sense of trust belongings safety and caring for each other. They have an individual and collective influence their environment and each other. Every community is organized to meet needs, but they operate differently based on culture, religions and other experience of their members.Youth will increasingly become more comfortable with sharing ideas and suggestions because how see themselves as members of the community.

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  • Development through  Expertise To Rid Out Bad Influences
Making a contribution to the community and have done so by working productively with other members of the society. have a plan to develop skills that can also help them with income to support their family so that the young people will not convince to join drug addiction. Youth participation in the community will help them to have an idea that they want to improve themselves.Join the barangay activities they can experience training and seminar to become a good leader and became and effective leader in the community through education. They need to go to school in order for them to gain knowledge and to be successful in any aspect in life.


Youth or young people are the hope of a country. Every family must sustain and provide basic needs to to their children. They need education to develop themselves to make as a successful in their ambitions and become successful and useful to their community. And someday become a mentor and good influence of the next generations of youth.


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