5 Signs to Know if You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

5 Signs to Know if You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur Patrick M. Greene 5 of 5
I have always admired those people who are considered a self-made man or self-made woman. They are those that came from being p...


I have always admired those people who are considered a self-made man or self-made woman. They are those that came from being poor and made a difference. And now they are part of a society that everyone looks up to or emulate.

Now the question is, are you one of them?

Success is not easy to achieve. And so is being an entrepreneur. It is like being involved in a game where challenges and rules change in a matter of every turn just like I did back in the days. Before I got myself to doing some small business ventures, I worked as a regular writer in essaytwist.com and deciding whether to go independent or keeping my job had been a big decision for me. I ended up doing both jobs—a writer and an entrepreneur.

A true born entrepreneur is made to eat challenges for breakfast. And is not afraid to fail nor try and try again.

Are you cut out to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs of today? Find out if you have some of these qualities right now:

You long for a calling

After spending some time with your career, you still feel discontented. You still yearn for something more.
If you find yourself dreaming or wondering about things that you feel would make a big difference. If you find yourself dealing with plans that remained untouched for quite some time now, then you have a calling.
A calling is something that urges you to do more, get more and be more than what you currently have.
You have your own definition of success
Your success is not just about earning money, position or power. Your idea of success contains more than just those three.
And you do not settle for being just a subordinate. You want more than just following orders and doing things that you hate.
Success for you is something about giving your life another definition. It is about giving your efforts a different tune. And it is about owning up to your plans and dreams.

You stand for your ideas

Trueborn entrepreneurs have their own set of philosophies. It develops as they grow old while observing the things around them. They formulate their views and opinion to what they think is right or wrong.
When an entrepreneur does something, rest assured it is mostly made up of his own ideas and beliefs. He takes a stand no matter what other people say. Because he does not conform with the majority unless he thinks it would benefit his claims and intentions.

You have the qualities of a leader

While entrepreneurs are never fond of subordination, it does not mean that they are not good followers. In fact, they follow pretty well but they just happen to not be satisfied with it in the long run.
Entrepreneurs are leaders of their own field. They drive and motivate people around them because he is not moving for a single purpose. He believes that something that is good with people around him is considered true success.

You want to leave a legacy

People who want to leave this world being remembered for a lot of good things are those that did more beyond their own good will.
Since a true entrepreneur seeks a purpose that can render positive things to people around him, his ways and achievement will live on to those people he touched.

You are not afraid of risks

If you are not afraid to try new things and disregard the idea of failure and success as long you get there, you definitely are an entrepreneur.
An entrepreneur understands that venturing into business means you are involving yourself to gambling your hard-earned investments. There is no real assurance that success will be inevitable or wait right around the corner. He understands that by risking something big, it may bring him bigger results. And if all else fails, he just has to start again somewhere or anew.
Do you have all the qualities of an entrepreneur?

What are your plans?

If you have more to add to this article, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.
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