5 Little Things That Might Turn You Off About the Samsung Galaxy S8

5 Little Things That Might Turn You Off About the Samsung Galaxy S8 Patrick M. Greene 5 of 5
This is a guest post by Patrick M. Greene, who is a contributor at  https://essaytwist.com/ The Samsung Galaxy S8 is announced a...

This is a guest post by Patrick M. Greene, who is a contributor at https://essaytwist.com/

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is announced and reviews have been popping out in all direction for this device. Mostly, they talk about how great and magnificent the device is and how they believe that this new smartphone is the best smartphone ever.

You can’t blame them. After all, it is from Samsung and it is really showcasing some of the latest advanced technology about handheld units.

But people that are not so fond of Samsung or have had some bad experience with the brand will not let you forget about the “exploding issues” of its Galaxy Note 7.
Enough about the past, we are here for the Galaxy S8 and that is what you are going to get.
So what are the little things that might make you reconsider buying an S8? Read on and see if you think you can overlook these factors.

The rear camera is almost the same as S7 Edge’s

The Galaxy S7 Edge has a 12-megapixel camera and apparently it is the same spec they put in the latest S8.

Now, the only upgrade you will get is in the front which compared to S7 Edge was only 5-megapixel for your selfies, and now it is 8-megapixel. If you are using your phone mostly for selfies, it makes sense that this will be your reason to upgrade.
But if you are into real photography using your phone, that means, you do not have good reason to upgrade from S7 to S8.

The infinity screen is not fully optimized for most video aspect ratio
This is the highlight of S8, their infinity display that showcased an almost zero bezel screen.
Now, it is attractive in every way but the design will be pretty much useless if there is no real use for it. With aspect ratios of 16:9 and 4:3, a black blank portion on both end of the screen is noticeable enough. Meaning, a lot of videos cannot take advantage of the extended screen.
So what is that extra length of display for?

Boasting a QHD AMOLED display but it is not the default screen resolution

QHD stands for Quad High Definition which has the screen size of 2960x1440 but once you check the display settings you will find that the default display screen resolution is just 2220x1080 which is basically FHD or Full HD.
Sure, the setting is still available but why would they hide it in the settings and not use it right away as the default resolution?
My guess is probably because higher resolution requires more graphics power which leads to more juice or battery consumption. And that takes us to another issue of S8.

The battery capacity is mediocre

A lot of phone brands are now going for 4000mAh or higher for battery capacity and yet the S8 only offers 3000mAh and 3500mAh for the plus version.

I am aware that they said about a battery-saving feature that limits background activity especially in an idle state but what about the scenario where you really need to use your phone non-stop?
That is where they are trying to lead us to believe that it is alright that they went for 3000mAh/3500mAh choice but the truth still remains; the battery-saving feature is only good for when you are not using your phone.

Perhaps they are still in trauma about the “exploding battery” incident.

They placed the fingerprint scanner next to the rear camera

Seriously, it seems like they have not given a good thought about this. If there is a very good reason for this placement I hope they share it to the public soon. Otherwise, people will just think of it is a silly and outright nuisance.
The distance between the rear camera and the fingerprint sensor is just too thin that the chance that you are smudging your camera is very likely.
So expect a lot of wiping on the camera lens each time you want to use your phone for some group picture.
So, do you think you can overlook those “little” things about the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box so we could discuss it with other readers.

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