11 Spiritual Roadblocks That Cause Prayer Not To Be Answered

11 Spiritual Roadblocks That Cause Prayer Not To Be Answered post& see it 5 of 5
Image by: PIXABAY.COM Belief in our God is the most acquired field when we're in this world. We can't balance without faith t...

Belief in our God is the most acquired field when we're in this world. We can't balance without faith to our almighty God. That would bring us to the wholeness of life. As a Christian or faithful person, more of us doing prayer in a time and or everyday. Asking for grace, protections, and food of a everyday. But we know that there are more hindrances, we can't deny to ourselves because we know what we're doing against the will of God or the law of God. That this would bring to hindrances that our prayer would not answer.

  1. SIN- When there is sin, we are not obeying God's Word and He will not hear us. Isa 59:2, sin is easily taken care of through confession and repentance but it if remains our prayers are not heard.
  2. FEAR- (1 John 4:18) Being afraid of God or His judgement hinders us from the confidence to pray. FEAR blocks faith every time! Fear is worry and worry is sin! Rom 14:23 Fear believes the devil, not God! 2 Tim 1:7, Rom 8:15
  3. GUILT- Guilt is the fear of not being forgiven. Rom 8:1-2, when we carry guilt, we are saying that the sacrifice of Christ on the cross was not big enough our situations! The Cross is enough! The blood is enough!
  4. FEELINGS OF INFERIORITY- If we feel unworthy it shipwrecks our faith. If the though is our mind is "I'am not worthy to receive' faith is doomed already. Heb 4:16, we are not beggars pleading with God, we are His children, partnering with Him in Global advance!
  5. DOUBT- Doubt is unbelief and must be overcome with faith.
  6. WRONG MOTIVES- (James 4:3) Many of our prayers are centered around us because wrong teaching or lack of it has made us feel that we are the center of the universe. Are we promoting our will or God's will? When the motivation is right things start to happen!
  7. BITTERNESS- Indicates inner hatred. It means we are holding on to something against someone and not releasing them through forgiveness. When we don't release others, God can't and will not release us- or release to us the answer. PSA 66:18, Bitterness is iniquity. It is saying "God is not big enough or that person is not worthy of Christ sacrifice. We establish our own will over God's in that case and that is dangerous ground! GET RID OF IT!
  8. UNFORGIVENESS- hinders our prayers by blocking our relationship with God and others. Little things hold on to against our husband, wife, pastors or leaders, rob us of God's benefits. When we refuse to obey the Word, we will not see it manifest in our lives and prayers! Luke 23:34
  9. BROKEN FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS- Broken relationships in the home, for example between a husband and wife, will also hinder your prayers. 1 Pet 3:7 The law of unforgiveness applies especially to relationships between family  members. If we do not demonstrate the compassion, forgiveness and grace of God to others, including our family, we misrepresent Him. How can we ask Him to fulfill His purposes by answering our prayers when we are violating those very purposes by the way we treat others? Mat 5:23-24 
  10. IDOLS- (Ezek 14:3) God will not answer at all if we are seeking idols- idols of the heart. Television can be idol. Your wife and children can be an idol. We need to examine our lives to see what is most important to us, what our priorities are, and how we are spending our time. He must be in the primary position.
  11. STINGINESS- (Prov 21:13) If we are not generous or responsive to the needy, it can prevent our prayers from being heard. How can we ask God to meet our needs when we are not concerned about the needs of others? Many of the New Testament scriptures concerning financial blessing are spoken in union with giving to those in ministry. An open heart lead to an open heaven. Prov 11:25
  12. THROW OFF YOUR HINDRANCES- (Heb 12:1) Determine by the grace of God to remove any of these hindrances from your life so that you can live in harmony with God and others, and have confidence and effectiveness in prayer!


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