Pen Pineapple, Apple Pen Song Is Like Gangnam Style Popular Song

Pen Pineapple, Apple Pen Song Is Like Gangnam Style Popular Song Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
Official Pico Taro singing video channel:  Published in YouTube on Aug 25, 2016   A Japanese song published on YouTube goes viral, th...
Official Pico Taro singing video channel: Published in YouTube on Aug 25, 2016 
A Japanese song published on YouTube goes viral, the song titled "Pen Pineapple, Apple Pen Song", that reached to 9,505,638 views. This is a Japanese song, it's incredibly addicted and Catchy, according to one of the author of the who also published the popularity of this song.

This song is based on a Japanese caricature of a singer-song writer "Piko-Taro" who has a  YouTube Channel dedicated to this popular song.

If you see the video of this song, it features Piko-Taro singing and dancing focusing on an apple, a pineapple and a pen forming a pen-pineapple-apple-pen. This could be no sense for us, it's just like a comedy song, but its captivity is very extremely amusing and supernatural. See the original video here: Pen Pineapple, Apple Pen Song

The popularity of this song ended up in a remix and duplication of heap Japanese teenagers, posting covers of popular internet stars of Japanese country and Japanese social media sites.

Piko- Taro is a character created by a Japanese comedian, DJ named Kosaka Daimaou whose real name is Kazuhiko Kosaka. The character was first introduced in comedian performances that become popular until he develop further until it became popular on YouTube.

Pen Pineapple, Apple Pen Song is like also the "Gangnam Style" song that also become popular in internet world last three years ago. This video is starting to become popular in Western sides of the internet, thank to Piko-Taro song that, can we enough to make laugh and deliver a strong feeling to make us happy even in a moment of time. If your lucky enough, the performer of this song will reply to those speaking English people in his Twitter Account Twitter Account

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