Computer Literacy: Road To The Present Generation's Success

Computer Literacy: Road To The Present Generation's Success Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
"A bright future is possible if a person is knowledgeable in computer" People are using computers nowadays either for perso...
Learncomputerbasicsapplication"A bright future is possible if a person is knowledgeable in computer"

People are using computers nowadays either for personal or official use. For personal purpose, they want to own one for communication, information, education, entertainment and also for exploration. Others are buying computers for official use like advertisements, online business, or for home based jobs to earn a living.

For personal use, people would want to have this machine either a personal computer or in the form of cellphone/iPhone/iPad because communication is very accessible through social media or emails. they can update themselves in the news or any information within the country or internationally. It is also educational on the part of students or non- students since research works are very easy for them to do. They would like to know everything from head to toe, the many amazing spots in the country from Batanes to Jolo or even the wonders of different countries in the world. For simple reasons, they just want to be entertained through playing games. Moreover, addiction to the many information leads to the people to explore more and more about anything, anyplace, or even beyond the earth or life after death. This is how influential are the computer in today's generation.

For official use, efficiency in the use of computers is evidently observed in the business industry. Advertisements can be done through online, so there is no need to spend much money on television airtime rates for the promotion of products. Because it can be done through social media. It can be advertised online. Online businesses are also booming and they are doing this for practical reasons for saving money by not paying space rentals. Lately, there are many job opportunities through online like the outsourcing or what we call the "call center agents" wherein the employees can communicate and render services in any part of the world. Through the help of the outsourcing agent. And the most interesting for the many people who do not have permanent work are the "Home Based Jobs" through the help of computers, some of these are being a writer, administrative assistance, bloggers, accountants and other services that can be done online. This is how great is the computer for businessmen and other professionals for their work.

In conclusion, whatever is the reason for acquiring a computer, it cannot be denied that this is a big help to succeed in whatever dreams we may have for our career or personal satisfaction. All we have to do is to be literate in manipulating these computers in order to have a bright future.- DC Anota

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