11 Ideas Of Major Common Mistakes Of A New Entrepreneur

11 Ideas Of Major Common Mistakes Of A New Entrepreneur Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
Entrepreneur , or becoming and first time of business is a great worse by losing investments , if you go on without learning it from an...
Entrepreneur, or becoming and first time of business is a great worse by losing investments, if you go on without learning it from another person that who know how to start a new business. Some of the new starter business men uttered the expression goes like this, "Learn how to do it by doing it today". This is a high grade expression, but learning through experience without failure is the best ideas of selection by learning the exact way how to do it or how to start correctly. If the mistakes perform at the beginning this will end in your side a headache and heartache, that might be cause a  certain dilemma or anxiety because of the experience.

Focusing into the roadmap of entrepreneurship is not easy, "It needs a positive mental attitude and bright spots", according to the author of an anonymous book, a one page scratch of a book. Which you can realize an experienced that was started and failed. That cause a long time headache and heartache. Although you did it all the best you can do, but a failure was happening. So learn it by mistakes and understand it below.

  1. Lack Of Understanding When To Raise Money - You have more money saved in your bank account, you need to put it into a business, so that it will accumulate more income rather than to stay in a bank with a small amount of interest. But you don't know when or where to raise the money, and this you should think wisely before to go on. Be assured that this will return a good ROI (Return Of investment)
  2. Focusing On What You Don't Want- Focusing on ideas that you don't know or a business you wanted that you don't understand. This is exactly a failure at the end and will not create a gain of effort.
  3. Delayed And Getting Slower To Start Or Not Starting- You have a good plan, you plan it very well, but you don't start your business at all. Because you have broken-down yourself of negative people around you. If you know that your plan is exact and ready and you sure that you know the business, go on and forward it and drive it wisely.
  4. Lack Of Patience To Continue- This involves your faith, and self-esteem, there is a such time that during the start there will be difficulties. You need to adjust and fix everything you need to run the business. If you lack persistence or patience at all, this will result to answer, "I will not continue" and this could a worse decision you ever made at all.
  5. Pursue Much More Ideas- Having too many ideas that will result in failure, this should be avoided. You need to gather all data, and make it one that is exactly correct and firm. Seriously, this is not easy, but it should be practiced wisely for a good decision and will result a good profit.
  6. Losing Income And Close The Business Entirely- When this happen in your business, do not close or shutting down your business immediately. Many new entrepreneurs did this after they suffer low income or depisit. Think of available that you have in your business, that could be assets or your own. Do a quick refresher on what cash do you have available in your business, either checking account in your bank.
  7. Telling Customers Needs Rather Than Testing Products- Thinking without doing everything is useless, this will results failure. It is natural that there is a budget in every plan or product. If innovators think only that this innovation is popular with the people and they will use it, but they don't do it and testing on it, it will not become true. If you want customers for a new product, test it to them and this involves a budget to start. Make a start by doing a test of the new products and let the products do profits toward your business.
  8. Use High Budget Rather Than Low Cost Budgets- Risking budgets although there are other way or suitable that lower the budget is made upon. This will not be tolerated upon running the business, it should be precise in consuming budget that will go on in lower cost rather the higher budgeting. Remember that there are many bills and payments need to pay either every month, quarterly or yearly.
  9. No Co-Founder And No Mentor- This is usually happen to starter entrepreneurs, it is hard to a single person to start. It's better to have a co- founder and mentor. It is better to more than one person to brainstorm a decision or a plan for a company, whenever it is good or a stupid decision.
  10. Don't Listen To The Person Who Know, Become Arrogant- It's better to listen to any persons who know or experience in the field of business you wanted. Sometimes we become arrogant to the knowledge we think that always correct or having a big ego. Sometimes we need to listen even that person is lower than you but have knowledge to a particular idea you want.
  11. Don't Receive Advise To Other Person Before To Go On- Much better to refer another person or a friends or family member who can help you about the plan. It's better to plan more times with other positive persons for the success of the going plan.                      
If you are knowledgeable and a successful businessman. And you also become a first timer before. Share you ideas here. It's a great help to the other who needs your advise.
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