General Safety Precautions Of Electrical And Electronic Works

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Safety precautions are the primary required instructions while working in electrical and electronic works. This means you're working...
Safety precautions are the primary required instructions while working in electrical and electronic works. This means you're working as an electrical technician or any related works and even working as electronic technician or in computer, safety precautions must be take place in your works. 

There are many incidents happened related in this case, this might be happening because of lack of knowledge in safety precautions. Or it has a knowledge, it was practiced during training or in during in the days of schools but don't apply it during respective works. And this cause a tragedy that causes even a death of a certain workers or a personnel in the works or even in one of a family.

Read and study this General Safety Precautions listed below in this post and applied this in your daily works as professionals.


  1. Before any installation, repair, and or troubleshooting, unplug or turn off the power from the circuit or equipment prior working on it.
  2. Make sure all equipment is properly grounded or have it grounded to the ground land.
  3. Make sure to de-energize any power before to install any fuses like high capacity capacitors.
  4. Use extra precautions when removing batteries or install it that contains acid.
  5. Don't perform cleaning using fluids in close area, make sure you perform it in a ventilated area.
  6. Keep in a close metal container the cleaning rags you use and other flammable materials and dispose it regularly.
  7. De-energized the circuits in case of an electrical fire and report to the authorities immediately.
  8. Fire extinguisher must be placed in your areas that capable to stop the fire cause of electrical materials or components.

  1. Always consider that you're working with high voltage, and consider always that the results are very dangerous.
  2. Do not work alone in any high voltage work.
  3. Keep in mind to away in live circuits.
  4. Avoid grounding yourself.
  5. Avoid water leakage while energizing electrical equipment.
  6. Do not tamper with machines and electrical equipment interlocks.

  1. While working do not use or wear loose or flapping clothing.
  2. Work in a clean dry areas.
  3. Do not use hands to remove hot parts.
  4. Wear only a non conductive shoes.
  5. Wear safety goggles or glasses during working.
  6. Remove all metallic parts of your body, like rings, watches, bracelets, tags, or ID chains or other similar items.
  7. Use shorting sticks or a discharging equipment in any high voltage charges like capacitors.
  8. When measuring high voltages using test requirements over 250 volts up, do not hold the test rods of test probe.
  9. Power off when using alligator clips prior to connecting it in a circuit boards.
  10. Make sure that the equipment use is being properly grounded.

It is important that every individual working in this profession must know the first aid procedure. This could be used during any untoward incidents happen in your area before the rescuer will arrive.

 If you have any comments and knowledge share it below using the commenting bar. It's a great help here or to the people needs on it.

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