Davao City: Welcome To The Best City Of The World

Davao City: Welcome To The Best City Of The World Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
Photo Courtesy:  osomnimedia.com The history of Davao is brief, but interesting. It travels back to the past and brings to mind tribal...
Photo Courtesy: osomnimedia.com

The history of Davao is brief, but interesting. It travels back to the past and brings to mind tribal wars, drum beats and ritual fires along the river banks, which according to some sources, gave origin to the word Davao from "daba-daba" meaning fire. The early inhabitants occupying the Eastern shores of Davao were the Manobos, Tagacaolos, Guiangans, B'laans and Itas.

Davao enjoys possibly the best tropical climate in the Philippines as there are no pronounced dry or wet seasons and it is practically free from typhoons. The city is serviced by all major domestic airlines and is accessible by boat from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, and Zamboanga. Eco-adventures are plentiful, such as: diving, snorkeling, mountain biking and climbing, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding and spelunking.

The Davao museum is a landmark which offers the opportunity to understand the soul of the people of Davao. Its main gallery is repository of tribal arts and of material culture such as: tribal art, costumes, jewelry and handcrafts. There's also a gallery of paintings, sculptures and ceramics, and a souvenir shop of native products.

The Philippine Eagle Research and Nature Center in Malagos is home of the world's largest eagle, the Philippine eagle. The largest eagle stands about 3 1/2 feet.The Philippine eagle is the country's national bird and is endemic to the Eastern portion of the Philippines.

At Tamayong on the Davao City side is Mt. Apo National Park, where the counties highest peak, Mt Apo, towering at 3,144 meters above sea level, can be seen. The park has hot and cold springs,giant wild flowers, crystal clear water, waterfalls and moss-covered forest.

The Japanese Memorial Shrine and Cemetery are located to the Southwest of Davao. The Memorial Shrine is dedicated to the brotherhood of all men, regardless of race, creed or ideology. It decries the futility of war as a means of settling international dispute. The site is the pilgrimage place for large groups of Japanese war veterans, widows and kins during the annual Reunion for Peace Program.

So you must try to see the wonders of Davao and discovered more of it.
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