16 Basic Safety Precautions When Using ATM Machines

16 Basic Safety Precautions When Using ATM Machines Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
BDO ATM Machines in Davao City Most of us holder of ATM cards or Asynchronous Transfer Mode or simply locally called Automatic Teller...
BDO ATM Machines in Davao City
Most of us holder of ATM cards or Asynchronous Transfer Mode or simply locally called Automatic Teller Machine of any bank in our location where our money saved and deposited. ATM cards are a piece of a plastic with a piece of electronic component embedded for electromagnetic reading. Where we can withdraw money for a certain payment. When a business establishment doesn't accept credit cards or check for payment.

This piece of a plastic holding your bank account information. It will be read by the machines through your bank accounts using a network of computer. But sad to say there are expert people that can make you a victim of your own account, like skimming your ATM account, this is a new term of getting your personal identification to withdraw your money without your permissions or modifying ATM functions to steal your card details and PIN. By modifying the original keyboard, installing a spy camera that will transfer your card information to a computer nearby or a circuit that can copy card information or a fake ATM machine. Aside of this there are many ATM card holder are victims of holdup and other got killed because of ATM card money withdrawal through ATM machines.

Here are some basic safety precautions I gather to minimize problems of ATM Machines incidents.

  1. Remember always that your ATM cards are very important because its equivalent of your wage or your income in business.
  2. Place it in very safety positions like safe keeping, it inside your bag. Be sure not to leave your bag or forgot it in a place.
  3. Check the area where the ATM is a position or installed, do not use the ATM if it is installed in remote areas. Might be you will become a victim of Skimming.
  4. Check the ATM if there are suspicious parts was removed or modify or any spy cam installed.
  5. Before using ATM be cautious of any suspected persons roaming around. Or do not withdraw if you're alone in that area, especially if you wanted to withdraw big amount of money.
  6. Do not give your card details or pin numbers to any persons.
  7. If there are many clients waiting you at the back, make sure to distance on them. To avoid exposing you save money displayed on the monitor screen.
  8. Concentrate on doing in ATM transaction, do not use any cellphone when there are contacting you. That will divert your attention.
  9. Do not call attention of other persons when you need assistance. Call the attention of the bank personnel.
  10. When you're finished, put your receipt and money in the bag immediately. Do not count your money where you are standing. Count it when you're in a safe place or in your house.
  11. When withdrawing big amount of money be sure you have a companion and a car.
  12. If the machines retain your card, notify immediately the bank personnels.
  13. If you're driving a car, then wanted to withdraw does not open your door. open only the door if you're about to withdraw. And don't off your car engine, it's better that you're always ready and can move immediately after withdrawal.
  14. If you notice that there are following you, go to a place or drive to a place where there are many people on there are police. If you have a cellphone call the 911 immediately.
  15. When you return to your car always ready your keys and be observing the area of your car.
  16. When someone asks your money or there are holdup don't resist it, follow the instructions. But observe the tone of their language, height, and body mark. If they are riding motor or car get the plate number if you can. But if not any marking of their vehicles.

These are all I know to prevent us to become victims of holdup and the skimming of ATM machines. If you have idea share it here. It's a big help for us and to others who need it. Feel free to write it in the comment section below this post.
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