Top 5 Davao’s Best Universities, Schools

Top 5 Davao’s Best Universities, Schools Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
Aside of Davao as one of the biggest city of the world, peaceful, and clean where the new elected President of the Philippines was the cit...
Davao Best UniversitiesAside of Davao as one of the biggest city of the world, peaceful, and clean where the new elected President of the Philippines was the city mayor, Davao has also seen economic growth of the country. Where biggest buildings were started to rise, like the Eon Towers on Bajada Street and Avida Towers in Claro M. Recto Street. Davao is also known of its best university schools that offered known and good courses that fits to the standards needs of the business sectors, industry, and public offices and in other countries. Where thousands of Filipinos going abroad both professionals and non- professionals like the Domestic Helper.

The top 5 best university schools that you will find here are:

  1. Ateneo De Davao University- rise along Roxas Avenue Davao City, offers bachelors degree programs like accounting, engineering and other courses like education.
  2. University Of Mindanao- rise along Bolton Street, Davao City, offers bachelors degree also like accounting, engineering, and other courses like criminology and computer education.
  3. University Of The Philippines Mindanao- located in Mintal, Tugbok District, Davao City, A government school that offers scholarships for those who passed their highest grade requirements of both Bachelors degree courses like architecture, agribusiness economics, communication arts, and other known courses like computer science.
  4. University Of Southeastern Philippines- located along Porras St., Davao City, offered courses like public administration, agricultural technology, business administration, elementary education, other courses like community development.
  5. Davao Doctors College- located along Quirino St., Davao City, a private school who offered Bachelors degree like entrepreneurship, education both elementary and secondary, medical and health care like Nursing and Medical Technologist, Social Science, Tourism, Hospitality & Culinary.

Why you study here in Davao, this is the place right for you for your college studies, the safest place, you can select these schools that suited for your budgets for tuition fees, many affordable dormitories and accessible. Because of the plenty of PUJ vehicles bound to your schools and a side of this your away on illegal drugs.
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