11 Things To Avoid Hussle Of Pag-ibig Fund Loan Transaction

11 Things To Avoid Hussle Of Pag-ibig Fund Loan Transaction Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
Pag-ibig or HDMF (Home Development Mortuary Fund) is one of the benefits of every Filipinos employee. Aside of SSS or Social Security Sys...
Pag-ibig Office Pag-ibig or HDMF (Home Development Mortuary Fund) is one of the benefits of every Filipinos employee. Aside of SSS or Social Security System and PhilHealth. This benefit is a government owned and controlled government corporation aim for the administration of the national savings program through the Housing and Urban Coordinating council responsible for giving shelter of every Filipinos employed by foreign and local businesses and voluntary or self-employed members of this government program. This benefit offered short-term loans for those low contributions and can avail of the housing loans capable to pay the amortization monthly.

If you’re a member of these benefits, you should remember that you need to check and updates your account in the Pag-ibig office near to you. Even you’re an employee of a certain agency, government establishments, or private companies. Don’t trust only your account to the company’s person who assign to this benefit for follow up and payment of contribution. I say again, you need to check and update it. There are tendencies that your employer doesn’t pay it every month and there are cases that they input your information wrongly. Like the spelling of your last and first name and the most cases, they encountered is the wrong entry of the middle name. And the most important of all, you need loan if you have a good contribution, so that it will always updated and the most very big favor for us, our total cash loan will increase in every successful payment of monthly amortization.

So here are things you need to remember for you to clarify your account and to reduce hassle if you need to loan or for any emergencies, housing loans, and other benefits offered of this program.

Maintain Your Account
  1. Updates your account account either quarterly or in every six months.
  2. Secure a new Pag-ibig loyalty card, you need to pay it 100 pesos.
  3. If you have loan check the payment in every month, even you're a company employee or self-employed.
What to bring if you go to the page-big office, to avoid hassle and back and fort for the requirements needs.
  1. Be sure to bring valid id’s
  2. Bring your marriage contract, birth certificate of both husband or wife if married.
  3. Cetificate of Employment
  4. Be sure to have a xerox copy of this document, make it 3 copies each.
  5. Be sure that your employers documents requirement is completed and updated, if you personally bring it, it should duly sign.
What to bring if you have cases of double person and no middle name.
  1. You need a certificate of oneness, secure it from your office or company where you employed. This will prove that you’re only one person in your company.
  2. Bring your certificate of birth.
  3. Secure Certificate of Employment for the correction of no middle name.

These are the common things we need to do, after this if no problem now in your account you can go on for a loan.

Hopefully this will help you to reduce hassle. If you have additional information and comments kindly write it in the comment bar below. This could help very much to other need this.
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