Tupi Fruit Park In Tupi South Cotabato

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Travel bound to the Marbel Koronadal City, it's a province of South Cotabato you will pass by in one of the first class Municipality o...
Tupi Fruit ParkTravel bound to the Marbel Koronadal City, it's a province of South Cotabato you will pass by in one of the first class Municipality of South Cotabato, the Municipality of Tupi. The location is not like as progress like a City, like the Marbel. But actually you can appreciate the Municipality of its vast area of agriculture when you pass by through the national highway, like the one in this post picture, the Tupi Fruit Park. And like also the vast pineapple plantation of Dole Philippines, Nestled at the foot of a dormant volcano, the Mount Matumtum.
Aside of pineapple plantations, they are also considered as riches of a variety of fruits and vegetables, like Marang, guava, lansones, langka or jack fruits, watermelon, avocado, banana, and other different variety of fruits that you can enjoy and healthy food fruits in your body when you visit this likeable municipality of South Cotabato. There are also plenty of vegetables like the one I can identify, the Asparagus that's best for one of the ingredients of the chicken disk recipe. Because of its good climate and soil type make it suitable for all types of crops and livestock production. Aside of plantation of pineapple, they are suitable also of high- value commercial crop (HVCC) like the one I mention the Asparagus and papaya. The production of cut flower is the one crop that puts the Tupi municipality in one of regional map.
Tupi Fruit Park 2
About of its art and culture, like Davao City Kadayawan Festival, according to Wikipedia, they also have festivals like:
Tupi Corn Nilaga

Kasadyahan Festival, "Sagana Sayaw sa Kadalanan-Kasadyahan": Celebration featuring street dancing competition coined from Visayan word "Kasadya". It is a convergence of various ethnic and cultural dances featuring Tupi as the province's flower, fruit and vegetable basket and a town where various cultures abode. Held every September 11 in celebration of the town's foundation anniversary.
Tupi Sparagus
Linggo ng Matutum: A weeklong festivity every March 13–20 of each year in celebration of the declaration of Mt. Matutum as protected Landscape: highlighting "Amyak Maleh", a climb and plant mountaineering activities and the Mindanao wide "Amyak Maleh Mt Matutum Bike Challenge".
Kariton Festival: Annual parade of animal-drawn carts (kariton) bedecked with vegetables, fruits and flowers. Held every October and is being sponsored by the barangay Poblacion.
Ati-Atihan: A yearly festival of Barangay Crossing Rubber same with that of Kalibo, Aklan.”

Transportation going to Tupi is good, no hassle of traffic, you can ride either through buses and PUV vehicles 24 hours daily from the Marbel Koronadal City to General Santos City. From Davao City its only 1-4 hours enroute to Digos City, Gensan City, Polomolok, Tupi, and Koronadal City.

Tupi obtains of its name “Tufi” derive from the Bilaan chewed vine, a native tribes who first inhabit this land and became one of the Municipality of South Cotabato.
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