Technology Is Blessings Or Curse?

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Technology is blessings or curse? “Technology is in our hands, we can use it to build or to destroy.” Technology is a blessing f...
Technology Blessings Or Curse
Technology is blessings or curse? “Technology is in our hands, we can use it to build or to destroy.”

Technology is a blessing for a man. With technology, there is a lot that we can do which we could not do then. With cellphones, webcam, you will be closer to someone miles and miles away. So far yet so close! That is, your feeling when you talk through a cell phone to a believer who is far away from home. Just think of the many lives saved because of speedy notifications via cell phones. Just think of how your teaching and learning have become more novel, stimulating, exciting, fresh and engaging with the use of multimedia in the classroom. With your TV, you can watch events as they happen all over the globe.

However, when not used properly, technology becomes a detriment to learning development. It can destroy relationships. Think of the husband who is glued to TV unmindful of his wife seeking his attention. This may eventually erode a marital relationship. Think of the student who surfs the internet for pornographic scenes, he will have trouble with his development. The abuse and misuse of the internet will have far reaching unfavorable effects on his moral life. The teacher who schedules, class TV viewing for the whole hour to free herself from a one hour teaching and so can engage in “TSISMIS” or gossip, likewise will not benefit from technology. Neither will her class truly benefit from the whole period of TV viewing.

In education, technology is blessing when:
  1. Help us to communicate to others.
  2. Help us to aim better living.
  3. Help us to gather information.
  4. Create programs for private and non private, government sector services.
  5. We can download files, music, games, movies etc.
  6. Help to improve teaching and learning process.
  7. Provide us entertainment.
  8. We can buy stuffs through web(online shopping).
  9. We can be updated through social happenings.
  10. We can state our opinions through web(blogs, twitter, etc.)

In education, technology is curse when:
  1. The learner is made to accept as Gospel truth information they get from the internet.
  2. The learner surfs the internet for pornography.
  3. The learner has an uncritical mind with images floating on television and computers that represents modernity and progress.
  4. The TV makes the learner a mere spectator, not an active participant in the drama of life.
  5. The learner gets glued to his computer for computer-assisted instruction, unmindful of the world and so fails to develop the ability to relate to others.
  6. We make use of the internet to do a character assassination of people whom we hardly like.
  7. Because of our cell phones, we spend most of our time in the classroom or in our workplace texting.
  8. We use, overuse and abuse TV or Film viewing as a strategy to kill time.
  9. Some people are addicted to it.
  10. Wasting money.
  11. Wasting time with non-sense things.
  12. Poor eyesight.
  13. Plagiarized works.
  14. Don’t do household chores.
  15. Lack of privacy.
  16. Increase of cybercrime.
  17. Many lives are destroyed.
  18. Spreading of viruses.

Let's go back to the questions asked at the beginning of this post. Is technology blessing or curse to education? It depends on how we use technology. If we use it to our students and teachers become caring, relating, thinking, reflecting and analyzing and feeling beings, then it is a blessing. But if we abuse and misuse it and so contribute to our ruin and downfall and those of other persons, it becomes a curse.
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