POST – MALAYAN CALENDAR: “The Doorstep To Scripture’s Revelation”

POST – MALAYAN CALENDAR: “The Doorstep To Scripture’s Revelation” Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
The Holy Bible KJV: “ Natural Disaster Phenomena - An earth’s wash up or a soul’s sign up…” – Fabian C. B...
POST – MALAYAN CALENDAR: “The Doorstep To Scripture’s Revelation”
The Holy Bible KJV:
Natural Disaster Phenomena- An earth’s wash up or a soul’s sign up…” – Fabian C. Badiang

Astronomers and natural scientists predicted calamities through trendsetting and site eventual recurrence. Prophets and worshipers prophesied consequences as God’s will.

Global Warming and Climate change entailed traumatic scenarios and nightmare amid the struggling life of every Filipino to work hard for starvation, and remained in a parlance to socio-economic recovery. Environmental degradation became a product of human error on over- exploitation to nature. As multiplier effects – heat waves, storms, flash floods, earthquakes, droughts and fire have triggered serious and direct impacts to health and human lives.

The increase in mortality rate and morbidity due to water-borne diseases, air pollution, respiratory and cardio- vascular illness that resulted to death became a trending feature as per World Health Organization (WHO) SURVEY.

Environmentalist, medical technologies, and health practitioners exerted joint innovative efforts that tend to mitigate the tremendous and indispensable effects and promote adaptive measures that would directly address the development process towards the enhancement of ecology as a renewed niche for the future generation in a real sustainable manner.

Responding the call of service, most religious groups in various ecumenical ministries expressed a unified pastoral support to the victims of Storm Sendong in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City mostly affected by devastation. The local government units led the helping hands backed by NGOs and private sectors, with humanitarian intervention of international communities as well as allied countries extended financial support and foodstuffs amid critical time of disasters- the spirit of Christianity lives here…!

Turning insights to Scriptural reference (Deut. 6: 1-9)... “ God has commanded for teaching the Law of the Creator in the land that we enter and occupy in order the life existence live longer in land… and all will go well (Health) of strong nation (economy) and live in rich and fertile land…”
But, what was the real epic behind Comval Province that wrath stricken by ‘Storm Pablo’? Rumors came to reality when inevitable flash floods hit the area due to rampant illegal logging, over-exploit of mining resources at the core of forestland hills that played tremendous repercussions and cut short thousands of lives that left mourners mostly servants of God.

Where did culprits gone by? Did they (mourners) admit the catastrophe happened and blamed God to happen?

As we look unto what the Scripture’s Revelation has prophesied, all that was foretold had fulfilled, like symbols and great numbers- the defeat of Satan and the atheists.

‘Are you ready for the Second Coming of Christ, and the Final Judgment? Here comes the New Jerusalem- Repent..! ‘fcb
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