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Since I was 12 years old, I already know how to cut and sew cloth. The new life fashion academy at Kidapawan City, North Cotabato, and my ...
TEKLA’S KASHOUSince I was 12 years old, I already know how to cut and sew cloth. The new life fashion academy at Kidapawan City, North Cotabato, and my birth place offered evening class I enrolled and been benefited. That I was a right hand of my mother at her extra work at our home. Being dressmaker and at the same time a tailored. I got interested, it is because I am very happy every time I can finished any product that I could have to be. Just like for an example of using a katsa cloth. This was used by me the time when I was studying, making a project from my vocational courses. The first, all made in katsa cloth.
Materials such as panties in different sizes, styles, colors and with or without laces, especially in an infant’s wears and dresses also for men and women. As the years goes by, katsa cloth can be found at my house, finished or unfinished product.

To make the story short I would like to answer the question, what, where, whose, when and who was now have got all the greatest privileges in life. Base on the fact that the product that I’m going to present was not common in the market and can be found at the Pasalubong Center along Palma Gil Street, Davao City Philippines.

TEKLA’S KASHOU PRODUCT 2This was started when my office mate came to visit me, she is a medical technologist. She was the one who gave me the name and office address of the officer incharge of the certain Magnegosyo ta Day, under the livelihood program of our beloved Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte. It was really a greatest day at her surprised.
When I visited her, we are so maingay, “hehe hahaha” and w hatsoever were always with us. Then we talked about the requirements how to become a member of that livelihood project. The qualifications, what to do and bring any kind from my finished product to be samples. Display for sale and for marketing purposes.  
Since that I have all of this kind, a retazo to t- shirt, batik, Chinese cotton, a piece of jute jack, banig and keep the most of it is a cloth of katsa. I made a several items of bedroom slippers with smallest wallet for giveaways to promote and attraction to the customers.

TEKLA’S KASHOU PRODUCT 3I brought all the items of its kinds again to Magnegosyo ta Day office for submission to be presented by my Tekla’s Kashou qualifications. And even I hanged all of them at the wall, directly can be seen everytime, anybody will enter the place.

Days past, I came and visit the office again; an hour of rest a visitor came. One gentleman, two ladies and a benabae, kagalang-galang to look at the benabae enter first. Her eyes directly catch attention to the wall where my products displayed and said that, wow and ganda, bago to, can I have this, sabay ask a permission to get those slippers for her try. “Ang ganda talaga at magaan sa paa, bagay sa akin pwede sa akin na lang ito? Sabay binasa ang nakasulat na tag name at price. And said, okey nag unahan sa pagpili at itinabi, pumili sukat, nagkagulo, nagkulitan, maingay kami. At sa paglipas ng mahigit sampung minutes natahimik and lahat at bigla sabay tawanan. At nagturuan sa bawat isa kasi ang napili nilang tsinilas lahat ay nakaipit sa kanilang kilikili.”

TEKLA’S KASHOU PRODUCT 4One pair white plain katsa slippers left here, I will take the challenge. Dito masusukat ang aking naangking talino, capacity and ability sa paggawa ng isang natatangi at kakaiba sa lahat ng nagawa kong product.

Kinabukasan, agad- agad I went to go out for shopping, to buy something, anything to be use for making another unique product. Nakakapagod pero sulit naman ang pagod. Sa wakas nakagawa rin ako. At ang lahat ng ito could be seen at the Pasalubong Center, along Palma Gil St., Davao City Philippines.
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