Own A Siamese Cat Found On a Garbage Of Our City

Own A Siamese Cat Found On a Garbage Of Our City Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
The human being is susceptible, not only of illness anyway, but also we are very afraid of a snake, such as a cobra or king cobra. It&#...

The human being is susceptible, not only of illness anyway, but also we are very afraid of a snake, such as a cobra or king cobra. It's a curse to a snake that we're people is very afraid. And if we see a snake. We always wanted to kill it. Even in the one of the books of the bible, the Genesis chapter 3: 14 BBE And the Lord God said to the snake, Because you have done this you are cursed more than all cattle and every beast of the field; you will go flat on the earth, and dust will be your food all the days of your life, click the source site: biblestudytools. Our God told that to the snake, and that's a curse to a snake.

And just for me, that I was experiencing a terrible one morning. Because of a cobra snake walked toward our windows at the time that I awoke a drain water during in the early of a morning. I'm so afraid an run outside my room and find a something arm to kill the snake. But suddenly, and suddenly the cobra snake walked- out of the hole that I discover that they are probably hunting a rat that always enter my poor room. And that's what the snake need and I have now a sensitive action whenever a snake suddenly appeared. 

So, just a day after it, thinking that I need a cat, but I don't really expect what type of a cat. Because only I knew our native cat that always stolen our food and dishes. But that to our Lord He gave me a cat that I don't know what breed it is, when I was walking in the street of Davao City. I saw a cat that it is a newly born, and it is very cute, I don't know the color because it's not common compared to the native cat. That we have in our community. So, I brought that baby kitten cat and I put it in my bag.

After a while, because I was in an internet cafe to check my blog and my email. The baby cat shouting just like a baby, child finding his mother, maybe, it's the baby cat hungry now. So, I go home and I presented it to my beloved wife. And my wife is also very happy when she saw the kitten, and "that's very cute", told my wife. Actually the kitten cannot open its eyes, and we buy a babyron and milk, so that the baby cat will drink. Even to identify male or female baby cat we can't identify it. So we gave the name Venus. But after a few months we change the name to Cyrus, because its a male cat. 

Cyrus was a very playful and loving cat, we even knew it's breed is a Siamese. We knew it when I research it of the Internet. Oh! it's wonderful, God gives me a nice Cat. So, when I went home, then when I was at the door, Cyrus will go to the door in our house where we stayed. So during when I have time, I train this cat, I form my hand like a snake and he played so and responded will like a snake he fighting. And we also train him to behave and urinate and deliver it's waste to a proper place. And he did that until now that he is now one year in our family. And he is a very happy cat, and always finding his lover every night and did fighting with a native male cat. Because he always depends his lover all the time.

And that's our wonderful Siamese cat, name Cyrus that I was found in the garbage in one of the streets of Davao City.      
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