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Mobile phone is the most common gadgets that we have now, we very thankful to our late founder of the gadgets Sir Steve Jobs for his w...
Mobile Phone Prefix Nos.
Mobile phone is the most common gadgets that we have now, we very thankful to our late founder of the gadgets Sir Steve Jobs for his works and dedicated efforts to fulfill the invention of the gadgets. And one of that is the cellular phone, as of now we have different manufacturers of the cellular phone. One of the biggest manufacturer is the Apple who is the provider of the iphone where he founded this company and the other one is the Samsung. Talking with the operating system we have IOS solely own by the apple company and the other one is the Android which Google company provide and designed this operating system.

Here in the Philippines both this two popular phone mobile, we have also three communication line provider. They are SUN cellularSmart communication, and the Globe. These providers have different prefix numbers assigned in the SIM cards we bought which are everyone of us uses our phone for direct communication. We cannot deny mostly of us cannot recognized the prefix number of the cellphone numbers we receive in our phone inbox. So if you gonna experience this, kindly check below of this post.

Prefix Numbers
Supported Networks

0907Talk ‘n Text
0909Talk ‘n Text
0910Talk ‘n Text
0912Talk ‘n Text
0918Smart/Talk ‘n Text
0919Smart/Talk ‘n Text
0920Smart/Talk ‘n Text/Addict Mobile
0928Smart/Talk ‘n Text
0948New Prefix – Smart
0949New Prefix – Smart
0989C.U.R.E/U-Mobile/Red Mobile
0999C.U.R.E/U-Mobile/Red Mobile
SMS Centers:

+639180000101Smart/Talk ‘n Text
+639180001467Red Mobile
0979Unknown Network Company
PrefixSupported Networks
0905Globe/Globe Tattoo
0915Globe/Globe Tattoo
0917Globe/Globe Tattoo
0935New Prefix – Globe
0936New Prefix – Globe
0937New Prefix – Globe
SMS Centers:Network
PrefixSupported Networks
0922SUN Cellular
0923SUN Cellular
0932New Prefix – SUN Cellular
0933New Prefix – SUN Cellular
SMS Center:Network
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