LIFE OF OFW- " The Inspired Story"

LIFE OF OFW- " The Inspired Story" Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
English: Corniche Road in Abu Dhabi, UAE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Filipinos are loving people,close family ties. No matter where ...
LIFE OF OFW- " The Inspired Story"
English: Corniche Road in Abu Dhabi, UAE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Filipinos are loving people,close family ties. No matter where their dreams may lead them to, they always look back to the people closed to their heart, looking back where they started sharing joys and bitterness in life. In seek for 'greener pasture’; people from all walks of life are going abroad in order to "provide food in every table".

College graduates/licensed, college level or even high school level...whether they come from provinces and cities or from remote barangays...there is only one and foremost aim in going abroad, to provide their family all the needs that can't easily be given for a me a great income hails from domestic jobs or work. Take a look on our group when I worked as a Domestic Helper in Lebanon. I, the president is a licensed teacher in the Philippines. Jo, the vice president is a midwifery graduate.

There is also a graduate in Commerce, Home Economics,etc. We laugh on ourselves and say: "Mabuti pa hanggang high school lang tayo nag-aral kung maging maid lang naman pala tayo". Yes, we swallowed our pride for that dollar we earned abroad. Because of our love for our family, especially for the future of our children. We chose to be away from our loved ones, knowing that our parting is temporary. But what is our life here abroad? Wake up at 6 am and sleep at 12 midnight or 1am? Clean, wash, cook, babysit, bringing children to and from the school and others. "Bawal magkasakit" our motto. Although our employer will send us to the doctor when we are sick, but the work will continuously be done.

Every single penny we sent to Philippines is a hard earned amount here. The sweat that fell down as we worked, the tears on our eyes as we missed our family while we sleep...It's a very difficult decision we made when we step on the plane leaving our homeland because we loved our family most. But what is heart-tearing story of an OFW ,What they did not know is the fact that there are OFW's who are suffering from maltreatment of their employers, locked inside the house when the employer is out, no enough food, not free for personal needs, others are not on time for salary, but worst of all, there are some who are not receiving salary for couple of months. While there are also victims of physical abused.But whatever our fate may lead us for the loved of our family, we are here in order to survive...
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