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When we say education, the first thing that comes to my mind is the word educate. Educate means something that you gain, learn and a...
Important Of Education
When we say education, the first thing that comes to my mind is the word educate. Educate means something that you gain, learn and acquire. It could be an experience, a conversation in street or by the people you’ve meet and by going to school. By educating yourself, you will have a good direction in life. In this way we see life is more beautiful and meaningful as we journey along the way.

Education is important in acquiring knowledge. Here in the Philippines, education is merely slow compared to other country that they are much better when it comes to quality education. They have a good classroom and good surrounding. They have all the facilities and resources needed in a classroom setting. Teachers are being trained well. And they have good system in education, therefore all I can say, they really have good education. Because they give their attention much and focus on this matter.

People here in the Philippines especially the young once and those who are less fortunate could not attain to educate. Manu reasons and circumstances why children could not enter in schooling, one reason why children could not go to school is because they are force to work at a very young age in order for them to support for their living. Another reason is because of poverty and lack of knowledge from their parents. But for me poverty is not a good reason, hindrance, or a good excuse why children should not go to school. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. I could not say that I’m right because I am not it the position as they were.

People in the government who are in the position see this problem long before. And trying to put up some projects about the TECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL free training skills program, such as the TESDA and the Alternative Learning System- Education For All (ALS-EFA). Such as providing free schooling of out of school youth or those people not graduated in high school because of the poverty. Such as here in DAVAO, the training of skills is up to the level and motivated the people Davao to learn the provided courses of the school. Government focuses their attention in improving the life of our country especially in terms of poverty and education. Such as implementing K+ 12 and 6 years in high school by providing high school students of different area of skills training. So that if they will graduate in high school. They’re equipped and by providing jobs before there college years. So that there would be hopes for our young once but I’m glad that there are private people and organization that really give and extent their hands in supporting our government and the young once. Because there are many children in our community really need our help. Very talented and eager to learn and going in the school but lack of support from their parents.

In my point of view, it’s really important for us to educate in order to attain knowledge and information. Which we could use as tools to have a good future ahead of us. That’s why we should strive hard and pursue of going to school especially the young once. It can help us in the better future. Having a good living and good life and became a better person. Someday we can also help and contribute for the better future of our future younger generation. And for the good of our community, our people and our country in facing other nation that is highly competitive, highly advance and more progressive.
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