Have a Break! and Say, “Happy Valentines Day to You My Love”

Have a Break! and Say, “Happy Valentines Day to You My Love” Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
A wonderful time a special time. This is the wonderful moment and unforgettable days. " Happy Valentines Day to You My Love"...
Have a Break! and Say, “Happy Valentines Day to You My Love”
A wonderful time a special time. This is the wonderful moment and unforgettable days. "Happy Valentines Day to You My Love"

The past days of our life were past already and we don’t need to look back again. And let's leave the sadness of that day and not live it. Lets go to tomorrows not go to yesterdays, it's a headache today. We will accept this day and face tomorrow’s came into our wonderful life.

This day is a very special days of our love ones, the day of our heart, our feelings to our special someone. Our Almighty God give it to me what I ask for, God’s answered to me.I remember one of the best words of wisdom told by, “Love is a fruit of seasons at all times and within a reach of every hand”. In every steps of our life, God prepared the path of our life and prepared the love that we have and be with us until to our last life. And I believed, until to the internal life, “that’s our beloved wife”.

So, this day from the very busies days of our life. We strive so hard for the future of our family. We vow and promised to the altar of God that “ I love my wife till to the end and I will leave her even in sadness, happiness, and even in the middle of the trials of life. Unfortunately, life goes on and off, sad to say other family on this day not a body as one. It’s contradicted to the bible message. That when you married, you will become one flesh or become one. But nobody can predict to our tomorrows, but we own our belief and our hearts. And we used it as a concrete foundation in our strong belief that love, immerse between us. That’s a good standing and strong belief that we say “I love You” not an entry word that voices in the four corners of our heart, but in the multiple voices came from our heart. Not on this day but in every day of our lives that we live all together.

God made as a unique someone, we are special to the other creations. Love is a gift from us, a creator's gift, even the animals feel it and show love and make love. There are so many ways how we use our words Love through this day, not only to our beloved wife.But show it to the other by helping in different ways. One of it by guiding them to the bitterness of their life. Because feelings and showing Love is the same God’s love to us and we “Love God with all our hearts and with all our souls, and the most weighted of all is to “Love our neighbors”. But I could not say, “I’m perfect about this, I’m a human being, but I hardly do so”.

Now, we exist in this world because of God’s Love, we exist because of love to our parents and ancestors. And I believe in every anger, failures, trials, the dark storm in our life, love exist in our heart. But we owe not to feel it to someone else, most particularly if we are in the midst of anger and dishonesty. And we feed our own selfishness and bodily needs in this world. But I strongly believe, God will transform us and form again our Love and made it perfectly. But be assured to repaint it by your own and voluntarily by yourself. And God will answer you and your Love will form exactly. Show it and feel it to your love ones especially to your wife. This is the time to say, “I love you”. Now picks your days and draw it for tomorrow, and sing and sang the theme of love, the story of our every love.

I’m not so perfect in this world, but I told the Love that came into my heart. Most specially the God’s love so perfectly. No goes wrong, it’s answered clearly. From the very busiest days of our life, this day is very special days for our love ones, especially for our wife. Lets show our greatest love by saying, “ Have a break! Happy Valentines Day to You My Love”.

“Thank you very much to the family of God, of Buhangin Foursquare Gospel Church of the Philippines, God be with us always. And thanks for the renewal of vows of the couples”.
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