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The celebration of the faith of holy week has been started this evening. Many of the faithful followers of God start the church activitie...
Faith Is Our Vision The celebration of the faith of holy week has been started this evening. Many of the faithful followers of God start the church activities and one of that is the prayer and fasting for the Christians. And the catholic churches prepare for the holy masses of the last word of Jesus Christ when He is in the cross before he died. The reminiscence of Jesus Christ died of the cross because of our sin. God him selves give his beloved son to set free from the sin of the world. And we the people had sin to our God. And God the father forgive us from the sin of the world and that Jesus Christ who forgive us.

And that I looking back, there is no repentance as we notice of this world of new generation. Although many son of God and the people himself belief the word of God. Faithfulness is the foundation of all but many of us have no repentance and always soak his life from the sin of this world. Neglecting the presence of God and always raise upon his life of the things that we have now. That lighted up in our way that causes our sin. But upon the knowledge, wisdom, and the teaching of God never exist and we do always nothing happen.

Sad to say until this generation, the new generation of the son and the people of God stumbled beyond the faith of unselfishness. I’ m not a perfect person bursting this word. But the proved of it is the experience from the other people’s life that I was meeting. And the sign of what really happen of this generation. Myself prove me about what the things that I have done before when I was transferred to the other place. Twelve years I forgot what I promised to God when I ask Him my second life. But God find a way for me that I will not deliver to the wrong path of my life. He gave me the lanes through the roadway of His holiness. And His kingdoms that will never destroyed and vanished in this world. Although other belief turn into the dark and they believe that God was not exist and whole of this earth its science. And all I could say is the rising start of the prophesy. The Bible itself tells us about the last days of the second coming of Jesus Christ, “the day of the Lord come”.

Signs are within us and ridiculously happened within us. The people and the son of God dream dreams of the unthinkable signs that were happened now. According to the words of God that was written of the book of 12, Prophet Joel tell us this word of God, (Joel 2: 28-32). The visions he said, “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; your sons and your daughter shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions”. It’s a prophetic word of the bible that lived of the thousands of years. And that many people and son of God see visions, the new prophets of the new generation is among us, if you are the true son of God, will became remnant of God in the last days. And this world became darkness and the other part is the paradise. We will sit down with the voice of God, just a sharp thunder that we never heard as we exist in this world.

This 2013, we will pass away the twelve years life with the presence of God wisdom and righteousness. The uprightness we felt that God is part of us. The 2012 is passed; the signs are pouring out of those years. The impossible is become possible; the completeness is starting to happen. And the battle of faith and religion is foretell and that was started. And the wonder of heaven and earth was being witnesses. That mostly don’t believed and many of us passed away that they don’t expect and only God know of it. Only God is the righteous and will make justice of what we wrong and sin through deliverance and salvation.

This holy week let’s witness the presence and love of God in our life. The wisdom of what He delivered and sacrifices during that day when He died on the cross. The humbleness of faith and not dishonesty toward God’s presence among us. And let the communion of sin will enlighten and the temple of God’s presence is with us always. Jesus Christ died of the cross because of our sin and let ourselves become ready of his second coming…    
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