One pen, One Book And One Teacher, Can Change The World

One pen, One Book And One Teacher, Can Change The World Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
The story is my own thoughts and ideas, when I travel somewhere part of Mindanao, especially in the provinces. I notice many of children...
One Pen One Book One Teacher
The story is my own thoughts and ideas, when I travel somewhere part of Mindanao, especially in the provinces. I notice many of children will not go to school. Because of many reasons, like for instance, the school is very far away from the house. The road is not good, and there are many children coming from the mountain.

It’s most common problem of our society is the status of their living. Why? because the parents are both busy to work on the farm. And some of them busy to manage their own business. That’s  why, the parents will forget, nor neglected the duty and responsibilities to teach.Or they don’t have time to teach their beloved children and they don’t have priority of the education of their children.

Why? I should say this, because many of the parents, they don’t give attention to their children in terms of education. And most of them are relying into a school teacher. And their thoughtless children are learning only at the school. It means, either you are rich or poor. The child shall have equal rights and benefits for achieving a goal in education.In other words, every child shall have the right to go school, to learn, to know, to gain knowledge. And shall have the right to live better in this world. So they will ready and prepare to stand in their own life, or it becomes an active member of community or society.

So, the questions now, what’s going to do? to solve this common problem of our society? For me, I think the child is only needed one pen, one book, and one teacher, can change the world. It means every parents must look at the beauty of education. The parents who will the first teacher to guide, to motivate, and to teach their children.

The parents must  have acquired many qualities, which is a long endurance, sacrifices, aware, concerned and most especially with the heart of teaching. As parents must always make practiced teaching everyday with her child, and try to understand their behavior.

We know all; teaching is not easy to teach for children. However, the parents are always emphasize and adapt the importance of education. In spite of this, the parents shall do the best, and feel the way to teach, or they don’t stop teaching and they shall continue monitoring until such time comes. A child  has fully understood the beauty of life through education. Of course the result of this is a success of every child and also the greatest accomplishments and fulfillment of every parents in this world.

Just remember, the parents will be the one, who builds the foundation of knowledge for her child. I hope this short article can help and enlighten for every parents, to develop the knowledge of the children. And they realize on how education is very important to all, especially in the children. Lastly,I would like to say to the parents before going to start teaching, they asked first the presence of our Almighty God through prayer.

Once again, I would like to say, thanks to my instructor for giving me an opportunity to write this simple article, or the peoples who admire education. And most especially to our Almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, for His guidance and enlighten to me for the success of this writing. Thank you very much to our Almighty God and bless us all.
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