From Unfortunate To Skilled Worker

From Unfortunate To Skilled Worker Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
We cannot lie that in our country, there are more less educated and poor family living in the different places. Or living in a squatter...

We cannot lie that in our country, there are more less educated and poor family living in the different places. Or living in a squatters area, this family status indicated us that many of us or more, 50 % among our family society lose jobs or have no jobs. These might be the cause of many members of the family are less uneducated, unfortunately because of the family situations, financial problems and lose hope for their every feature. 

Unfortunate people of our society, I don’t believe that they don’t have dreams about their future, or the future of their family or of their children. They dream of it, but because of the financial problem, they lose and accept what they are standing. And many of their children become addicted to drugs, become criminals and a scourge of the society.

Our government, centered to provide trainings of those who are willing to acquire skills for livelihood, and for those who are no jobs, and for those who are workers. These will help more of us for our additional incomes. Even me us a community worker, I was enrolled in Non- Formal Education- Education For All before. For the courses of Electronic and Computer Technician. And enrolled again for another schooling in private schools. Now its help me more because I use it my skills in our company. I’m now skilled worker, teacher and also working in Biomedical Machines.

The poorness of my family situation is not the hindrance to me to equip myself. Because our government helps me and because also of the help our almighty father. Even more for my college, I was pressed for the scholarship, if we’re a diligent this will help us to become successful.

Now, through the government effort, this K + 12 education a new educational system of the Philippines, I know this will help us more to elevate our daily living. Because our children before they will graduate from high school. They are equipped with the skills they acquire through the help of the Department of Education and TESDA. And even the former Non- Formal Education-Education For All, now the Alternative Learning System (ALS-EFA). That help to become educated those who are out of school youth. And providing skills for them, and to the teachers and workers.

China elevated their economy and level up their daily living, because they are diligent people for their jobs and responsibility. And why we cannot do also as a Filipino, we’re also diligent and most of us are talented and smart. Living in these days, we need to equip for our daily lives. Not the instant of money, not to become a scourge of the society. That will cause the instant death of others or one shot of our life. If you live the day yesterday emptied, you cannot undo it today to make it full. Let’s start it today, make yourselves strong enough to face the future. Not for the bitterness of our family, but also to our country, to our society. And our future. Remember that we will pass only in this world, and we will leave only our generations. Nobody will come back after death. But all of this, our God is our guidance and provider for all of our needs.   
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