The Best Fruit When You Here In Davao

The Best Fruit When You Here In Davao Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
Courtesy of Davao City is one of the best city of the Philippines, and one of the big city of the world. Aside of t...
Courtesy of
Davao City is one of the best city of the Philippines, and one of the big city of the world. Aside of that Davao City is a very peaceful place and vast of tourism industries. There are many beaches around the Davao region. And the best of agricultural plants, including planting of different fruits and vegetables.

Talking with a best fruit, the durian is the number 1 favorite of Dabawenyo. This fruit is a large and spiky or a thorny fruit and have a sulfuric smell, but it is also famous of its kind sweet taste. That will turn you to eat these fruits because of its sweet taste. This fruit is grown in Mindanao and 60-70% is produced in Davao alone. And mostly of this fruit came from Calinan District that recognized as the Durian Capital of Davao region.

There are variety of Durian Fruits available here in Davao City, read it below.

  1. Arancillo- is a thick fatty flesh and polish shape and has a strong flavor. This variety name Arancillo is the name of Mr. Vicente Arancillo who discovered this variety of durian fruits.
  2. Native- this is the oldest variety or the first, it’s grown in uncultivated area. It has a white flesh or the other is yellow. It has a strong taste of all varieties of durian fruits. And it is very expensive because of its large seeds and thicker flesh. It is a heavy weight when scaled and have a little flesh round in its seeds.
  3. Puyat- is one of the biggest durian fruit varieties, it has a yellow-orange color of flesh and more better taste compare to other varieties. It is also came of the seedling of Chanee and proffered to plant by farmers because it will not easily rotten during rainy season.
  4. Thornless (dili tunokon in Bisaya)- this is recognized as a spineless variety of durian. This variety has a white-flesh kind like a taste also of a native durian.
  5. Mamer- is one of the native durian found in Calinan Davao City, its name came from Mamerto Fernandez and it is called a native variety of Durian of Dabawenyos. It is said that it has a percentage of edible portion and has a yellow flesh and sweet and sticky flavor.
There are hundreds of varieties of durians found and not registered here in Davao City, Philippines. To those who are travelers and visitors in the Philippines and love to explore here Davao City, try the best fruit that we have here, the pride of Davao City and the Durian Republic.

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