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Wedding Ring Plan to married is the best decision that we answered in our life. To be marrying the person that’s not very simple. W...

Wedding Ring
Plan to married is the best decision that we answered in our life. To be marrying the person that’s not very simple. We will consider the preparation and that include our time. For the wedding event and this include the expenses. That we should understand, particularly in the side of the groom. Such as expenses for the church wedding preparation. And the wedding reception. As far as I know, you must have a budget not less than 80 thousand. For a simple wedding that you can pay all the expenses. For the needs, such as the fare for the relatives of parents, simple wedding ring, and church preparation. Such as flowers for entourage, wedding car payment, reception, and wedding document.

To marry is to have a blessing from our Holy Father not only for our both parents that should agree with our decision. And follow what our parents, though us and build our own family. This is not a simple decision, it’s an obligation that we should carry until the end. Particularly the trials in our family that we should to overcome. And faith from our Holy God must be distinct. If you want to build a strong family build it, we the presence of God. So if you understand what I thought in this post and both of you; your partner decides to marry just study and learn this. And if your decision is strong it just really good and you made a straight and perfect decision.

You must prepare this early before the day of your wedding. Do this and produce this document:
  1. NSO Certificate– update get your birth of certificates in national statistic office.
  2. CENOMAR for married license- get this in NSO office.
    Barangay clearance- get this in your Barangay Hall office where you live. This is use for the schedule of married counseling that will hosted by your Barangay Health center.
  3. Apply for married license in your Barangay Office and bring this document:

If you complete the above document and task. Prepare your wedding schedule wisely; it must better that you should prepare all in all before the actual day of your wedding. Avoid misunderstanding of your partner because of the busy schedules and expenses that follow. You must have an exact budget. If it's a simple wedding just make it simple, such as the wedding gown and the other optional expenses such as your entourage gown and avoid too many entourage. And select not too expenses video coverage during the wedding day. That’s all I know and God bless of your wedding day and to your future family.
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