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Because of the advent of the technology, not only mobile phones and home appliances is needed in our personal life and families. Everyone...
BioMedical Technology Because of the advent of the technology, not only mobile phones and home appliances is needed in our personal life and families. Everyone of us or human being cannot escape the threat of different illness, disease, and most particularly in dangerous human viruses.

Through the years, thousands of inventors, engineers, innovators, physicist and enthusiast studied, research, and doing experiments.To design or innovates medical laboratory machines and equipment to answer the problem and deaths cause by different illness. Doctor's and medical technologies in different laboratories needs machines to analyze our different blood and urine samples. To deeply analyze or to get exact results of a certain illness of a person.

Using our blood and serum samples, it is processed systematically by different instruments and next is the machines. Both semi-automated and fully automated processes. Such as our blood electrolytes and chemistry using different chemistry reagents. These reagents will give perfect matching system optimize with different parameter inside the program interface of the machines. To give accurate results and easy accessibility of the users. That will give also on- time results of all blood samples, blood fluids, and serums.

To explain more further in these posts I will explain what are the common machines that will give exact results in our electrolytes and chemistry samples.
  1. 1. Electrolytes Machine Analyzer- These machines will process systematically the blood serums, plasma, and urines with an exact result for our potassium (K+), Sodium (Na), Chloride (Cl), Calcium (CA) and pH. Our blood electrolytes and other body fluids composed of positively charges molecules called ions. Which are found in our body’s cells and extracellular body fluids, including blood plasma. These machines measure electrolyte concentrations in body fluids, commonly in whole blood, plasma, serums, or urine specimens. Doctors and medical technologist use this type of machine to analyze any disorders associated with electrolyte imbalances of our body. Examples of normal electrolytes results are: K: 4.24, Na: 140, Cl: 105, Ca: 1.14, pH: 7.35. Link also here: Electrolytes Analyzer
  2. 2. Chemistry Machine Analyzer- (Semi-Automated and Fully Automated)- One of the machines found commonly in big laboratory hospitals is the fully automated chemistry machines. This machine is used for special blood testing like our body chemistry using our blood samples. This machine processes large portion of samples, such as the Rayto Chemray 240 and synchronous CX9 ALX. These fully automated chemistry machines can process 240 and 900 sample test per hour using the machine’s reaction disk. These types of test required use include enzyme level, such as the liver function test, ion levels, sodium, potassium, glucose, serum albumin, or creatinine. These machines use different reagents In order to link here: About automated analyzers 
  3. 3. Hematology Machine Analyzer- (3 parts and 5 parts differential automated Hematology analyzer) this machine is highly specialized and computerize analyzes for blood cell counter using the reagent chemicals. This machine has a program internally to control the machine analysis. Such as the analysis of the Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC), including the platelet and Hemoglobin count. Actually inside the program, there are 18 parameters using different reagents, called webs Lyse, Rinse or Cleanser, diluents, fix, HGB lyse. Link also here: Beckman Coulter 5 Diff Al    
Other machines today for specialized blood test and the body fluid test is the BIOBASE 1000 automated ELISA processor. These machines are being used for TORCH, Hepatitis, venereal, thyroid, endocrine, and tumor marker. Using these machines all the illness person have hope and live another day of his/her life with the blessings of God.
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