The World We Live In: Now and beyond

The World We Live In: Now and beyond Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
Photo Courtesy: Never before are we brought closer to each other in the World in the which we live than now. The globe has...


Never before are we brought closer to each other in the World in the which we live than now. The globe has become smaller and smaller. Thanks to technology that has made our lives, not only easier, but more fun.

We live in a world that is technologically-advanced that make  information readily available at the tip of our finger. So gone are the days when we have rely on snail mails that made everybody at the the mercy of the post office and other messengerial systems that made our mails seemed forever to arrive to their destinations.

We are in the 21 century- such a very exciting time to be! Never before has technology become our umbilical cord. A life without our cellphones, PC’s, tablets, iPod, ipads and the likes, simply unthinkable our daily lives daily revolve around these gadgets like our lives depended on them.

Technology has made our lives not easy, but also, fun. It has lightened up our paperwork, made this wide, wide world into a smaller community of netizens through social media like the popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. to name a few. It has even made physical libraries seem obsolete as we can read e-books from IPADS.

We use technology in our everyday life. Now we can talk with someone like he or she is right in front of us in real time through Skype or order any anything we fancy from e-stores an transact business in a cashless way through electronic money transfers.

Well, just think about 3-D printers that has now become a reality. Most probably in some near future, we might just order things online and not have it delivered on our front door. We just have to print the print them wares that we have so ordered. Yes, print them! That is, right at our own homes. Isn’t that amazing!

The robots that have long since invaded some manufacturing factories in some technologically-advanced countries, might even be invading our homes 10 or 20 years from now.

New technology would make it possible to have in-home-robots capable of doing at least 3 household chores ending old time’s woes of having no house helps. Well, automated maids, anyone?

According to SciCast forecaster: “we are technophiles now and it has become a part of everyday life for people aged eight to 80.”

Watches no longer just tell the time. they have the capability to carry more data than the editions of the sixties. new versions ill tell you how many calories you have burned , monitor body functions like your blood pressure reading or heart rate. the most here- today slice of the future is Google glass, a wearable computer that looks like a pair of spectacles. It displays information on to the wearer’s field of vision and can respond to voice commands to retrieve  data from the internet for the wearer to use without breaking stride. it also has photographic and video capabilities.

Being in the information age, we are faced with limitless choices and decisions. Technology has made it all possible. technology has made it all possible. there’s no other way to face the future but embrace it limitless possibilities for the good it brings.
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