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Our prosperity is our great gain, most of the people, men or women perform diligently the works/jobs as our first priority. But in terms in our family, we do our best for the bitterness of our family to uphold the futures. We taught always income, so much strive, hard work, either from one work to another. This is the attitude of hard working men, he always thinks the income is not enough for the family’s primary needs. Such as the payment of the school bills and miscellaneous payments.

Furthermore, not only for the family men, there are also other men and women such as the working students work hard to sustain their monthly school payments. This is because the parents cannot afford to bring him to school. So much thinking for a brighter future at the end, until He/She will finish the college.

In all the cases I stated above, all the hard work, prosperity we gain after all. We forgot to think also our health, there is a wise saying said "health is wealth", our health is also our first priority at all. Because we cannot perform the great future if we lost something in our self. The temple that God gave to us. I remember the old man said, "if you so much take hard work to your body, after all it will return loses to yourself". It is understood, that our body needs rest. Take time for yourself, in a good faith, that brings your body very comfortable.

Consider the few things I will suggest basing of what I learn about this. Remember to bring you or bring your sons in the bright future He/She will need you also. The opportunities that will come on that day, it will become lost or something loses if you will not consider this and apply this in your own self.

  1. Take Rest- our body needs rest, sleep well and consume 8 hours a day to recharge our body in a good condition. Do not drink any artificial drinks or herbal drinks to sustain the weak condition in your body.
  2. Eat A Nutritious foodsdo not eat so much rice and avoid ready to eat food like noodles, fatty foods, and salty fish. It will cause damage in your liver and kidneys. It's better to eat a green leaf foods and fruits, and fruit juices. Like Buko or coconut fruits, apple, and carrots with calamari.
  3. Do Not Drink Alcoholic Liquor or any beersthis drinks is very common to all men. It is said this drinks can recharged overwhelm body. But the truth is that, its temporary but later on, it will damage your liver and kidneys. Every men we came from the age 15- 30, and it is said “ we’re young our body can sustain the alcohol, that is very wrong my friend. You will suffer it after all, most likely in the future that the opportunities came to you now. And you will regret on it and learn the mistakes you made before. God give us a healthy and clean body like Him, our “Creator”.
  4. Do not use any un-prescribe vitamins and herbal by the doctors- there are many vitamins, including herbals around us. And made a great multi-level marketing business. The very safe is by consulting a doctor or make a habit to go to doctors for checkup every 3 months. The doctor will recommend you for a laboratory test for our blood electrolytes and chemistry. This will guide for the doctors for a fitting prescription for your body chemistry. Everyone of us has different body chemistry. So that’s why we need to listen to those who knows. And that is only the doctors.
  5. The first of all, improve and maintain your faith to God- by doing this you will avoid any temptations around you. Your church friend or fellowships men can give you a good word every week about our life. Receiving the God’s message any from your church fellow men and women, it will greatly help to wash out all the whispering bad situations around you.
  6. Be a home boy- after the works for the whole day, get yourself at home. Do not go to barkadas most especially when the purpose is drinking liquor and other means. Taking yourself in home earlier, it will bind-up your family relations with your father and mother, and with your brothers and sisters. If you have a wife and sons is so much also. This will contribute a good condition to our body after the hard work whole day. And much of all you can take your good nutritious drinks and fresh foods. And the best of all bring your family together to the church every Sunday.
  7. Take time for body exercise- if you return home earlier from work, you can prepare and sleep earlier. And weak-up in the morning earlier for body exercise. The exercise or take jogging in the morning it will help much healthy to our body and balance condition.
Be the good children of God, this is the family our own until the day we rest. God gives us a good wealth, good purpose in life. He always prepares us a good opportunity in the coming days. So don’t astray or lose instead be steadfast and ready always by faith and by yourself to our God who design us. He know everything before He design us, and no father and mother take His own son to the foolish.
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