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Pastor Touch  Then Jesus came to them and said ,“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.Therefore go and make disciples...
Pastor Touch 

Then Jesus came to them and said,“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”Matthew 28:18-19(NIV)


Jesus spoke with all authority when He commission His disciples to continue the task in spreading the Good News of salvation to all nations.The scope is so enormous and difficult mainly because of their small number but with diligence and passion,they all obeyed amidst the persecution.

As they receive the promised anointing of the Holy Spirit,they all spoke with boldness and many people were saved.Just imagine the perimeter of their influence but the Power of God’s Word changes lives and the effect was overwhelming that even Paul,the great persecutor of Christians was transformed by God Himself and became the great evangelist who selflessly risked his life in spreading the gospel to all people.

Those were centuries ago,they all have died and went with the lord but the message continues to touch generations.The obedient men and women grasped the seriousness of God’s great commission and went their way to the different parts of the world which eventually reach you and me.
But the question is:Will you also pass the same message of God’s love to your unsaved friends and loved ones?The task is now in your hand but it will remain in your heart until you also obey the call of the great commission.According Thomas Hale,a missionary to Nepal “The biggest hindrance to the missionary task is self.Self that refuses to die.Self that refuses to sacrifice.Self that refuses to give.Self that refuses to go.”
It is our solemn duty,whether a pastor,a mere church goers or even a little child who clearly understood the way of salvation to share the message of hope to all people who are living in darkness without Christ in their hearts.

A young girl who shared Christ to a strong Buddhist never thought of a qualification,she went her way to David Yonggi Cho,formerly known as Paul Yonggi Cho,a Korean Christian Minister,the Senior Pastor and Founder of the Yoido Full Gospel Church Assemblies of God,the world’s largest congregation with a membership of 1,000,000, as of 2007.

“Raised initially as a Buddhist,he was converted into Christianity at the age of 19,after a girl visited him daily telling him about Jesus Christ,after he was diagnosed with terminal tuberculosis.One day,she knelt down to pray for him and began to weep.He was deeply touched and told her,”Don’t cry…I now know about your Christian love.Since I am dying I will become a Christian for you.”She gave him her own Bible and said to him, “If you read it faithfully you will find the words of life.”From Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia.

The vastness of God’s assignment is laid upon every believer in all walks of life.The command is great because it means the precious souls of men and women who are still living in the darkness of sin.

You are God’s anointed evangelist-your obedience means the salvation of your best friend,your business associates or your very own family.Take the great challenge and experience the joy of helping one lost soul find their way to the newness of life through Jesus Christ,our Savior and Lord.

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