E-books: Makes Learning Fun And Handy

E-books: Makes Learning Fun And Handy Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
“The latest gadgets used in De La Salle University” by: Antonette O. Robina Image by: http://www.upsidelearning.com/ What makes lear...
“The latest gadgets used in De La Salle University” by: Antonette O. Robina

Image by: http://www.upsidelearning.com/
What makes learning fun? Each child has his/her own way of learning. There are plenty of ways to ignite the child’s interest. There are also lots of materials in which a child can use in order for him/her to learn fast.

What are the materials that make a child learn fast? What are the important considerations in the child’s learning?

Years have passed and the tools for learning evolved. Years ago, children bring big, heavy books as well as big heavy notebooks. As parents look at their children, they see how hard it is for those children to bring those stuffs.

So, because of the evolution of technology, we now have advances in the tools of learning. During this present generation, there are already plenty of high technology materials that a child can use in order for him to learn fast. Some of these materials are smart phones, tablets, ipads, phablets and many more.

Are books still as effective as the high- tech gadgets? Is it okay to dispose books and use much high-tech gadgets in schools?

Yes books are still important. But a child’s attention should always be considered. Most people’s attention span varies. Teacher’s strategies matter a lot in a child’s holistic absorption of the lessons. So, teachers should always have to be creative enough in imparting ideas to his/her students.

There are already schools now-a-days that uses this so called E-books. What is this?

We now have different gadgets that are not just used for communication but in learning as well. Schools especially the private once now use E-books. According to the Wikipedia, “an electronic book (e-book, for short) is a book-length publication in a digital form that consists of images, text or even both. It can be read on computers or even other electronic materials. This is sometimes defined as “an electronic version of printed book”.

What are the advantages using the e-books?

First, it is very convenient. A Child can no longer bring a big and heavy bags. It is much easier for them to go to school. Convenience is one important consideration so that children may not get tired easier in going to school.

Second, they can interact with it. They will just press the screen and do the activities. They are learning as if they are also playing.

Children now-a-days have a very short attention span. They may want to learn but lose interest to it because of boring instructional materials (IM) used by the teachers. But through these e-tabs, children’s interest may be ignited because of this high technology IM.

Third, they enjoy using it. A child’s attention span is short. But with this e-book, a child’s interest may increase because of the high graphics, colorful images and animated images.

We always want what is best for our children. So well will do our best to find ways to give them effective tools for learning and at the same time give them convenience.

E-books, make learning fun and handy.
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