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“ Success is measured not so much by his position that he reached but by the obstacles he encountered while his trying to succeed” ...

Working Student
“ Success is measured not so much by his position that he reached but by the obstacles he encountered while his trying to succeed”

Education is the pathway to the future we want. It is a rope that can carry us to greatness. It is one of the most important things in life. Beauty, status, age, it all goes away, but not your knowledge. It is something that cannot be bought nor sold. In other words it cannot be stolen from you. That is why a lot of students want to work at the same time study so that they will be able to fulfill their dreams in life. That is what we called “WORKING STUDENT".

It is making the decision to work while attending in school. Being a working student is not easy, you really have to manage time wisely for you to be able to balance school and work. I myself is a working student so I can relate to these things. My parents cannot afford to send me to school anymore because my father lost his job. But because of my eagerness to study I work so that I will be able to sent my self in college.

Luckily I am one of the working scholar in the school that I attending. I have a lot of new friends also work at the same time study.
We encountered a lot of difficulties, hindrances as we go for our dreams. At first it was very hard for me to balance school, work and time with family and friends. I feel like quitting but because of my sincerity to finish my studies, I pass all the trials. With the help of our Lord Jesus Christ and the support of my family. I finished my college degree.

One day I meet my friends whom we work and study together. I was so happy they are successful now. I reminisce the past as I closed my eyes, thanks for all the trials and difficulties because of what we are now. Success has different meaning for each of us. For one person it could be a general sense of happiness. Another might think success as making a lot of money, accomplishments and popularity. But for me success is trials, hindrances, and obstacles that you have to be encountered in order you to SUCCEED.     
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