Tips on how to change for the better

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Another school year has opened. Back to school again. But did you ever try to evaluate yourself during the long vacation?Do you need ...

Change For The Better
Another school year has opened. Back to school again. But did you ever try to evaluate yourself during the long vacation?Do you need some changes in your life or career? How do you feel now?

If you are feeling stale or stuck in a rut, you know you need to try something different but the question is you’re not sure what. It’s not easy to decide but some helpful tips can help.

1. Ask yourself what you really want. Do you want a slower-paced life, a more satisfying career path, or a new environment? To answer these questions, try to brainstorm yourself and weight the pros and cons without holding back. “The best change starts with an honest version of what you really want to be,” says psychologist Judith Sills.

2. Know the obstacle on your way. Make a detailed list of what is standing in your way then address them. In the process, if you are honest, you should be able to know which of these stumbling blocks are of your own making.
For example, you would like to go back to school and earn your post graduate degree but keep on postponing it by reasoning that you do not have time and that your children are more important. Besides, the tuition fee is high. Instead of saying “no” why you think “what if”? like, what if your husband or your sister will agree to take care of the children while you are studying? Or, what if your school cooperative will lend you the amount for your tuition fee? It is up to you to explore the possibilities and see your life in a fresh light.
3. Look for fast and easy ways to fulfill your needs. Of course, there are some changes what you want that are impossible. In that case, make some alterations. For example, if you want to go back to school but you do not have the means, why not attend seminars and workshop?They are cheaper than graduate courses.
4. Listen to your gut instincts- visualize.Ted Drier said, “Through visualization, you can mentally try things on for size. As you visualize different episodes, pay attention to how your stomach feels. How does your neck feel? Is your breathing changing? All these things are indicators of liking or disliking what is being visualized?”
5. Finally, take all the time you need. Do not rush to decisions. Judith Sills said that the “People who are most contented and happy with their decisions at those who took a thoughtful, non- hurried approach to the process. They control and make a conscious and rational choice. In the end, that is what empowers you most.”
So change, would you?  
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