“Tinuy-an Falls” Pride Of Bislig City, Surigao Del Sur

“Tinuy-an Falls” Pride Of Bislig City, Surigao Del Sur Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
In history Tinuyo-an or Tinuy-an is a Native Vernacular which means an intentional act or performance attain an object or goal. Legen...

Tinuy-an Falls
In history Tinuyo-an or Tinuy-an is a Native Vernacular which means an intentional act or performance attain an object or goal. Legend revealed that long before the Magdiwata Mountain settlers were enslaved by cruel tribesman coming from hinterlands of Agusan. They were force to hunt with their masters, construct barotos (Small Boat) and an perform forced manual labor. Tired of being slaves, one day while rowing the barotos boarded by their cruel masters, they intentionally shoved the barotos towards the water falls killing all their cruel masters.

Tinuy-an falls is located at the village of Burbu-anan Bislig, Surigao del Sur. This small village people live by farming. The Tinuy-an falls is just another hidden place, before nobody knows the area except the people close to it and people who knows in this area. It is not beautiful as it is today. The falls are surrounded by trees and plants.

The cooperation of the local government in year 90’s Bislig City’s proposed tourist spot they make the Tinuy-an falls. Since then gradually recognized and called Small Niagara of the Philippines because it seems like the Canada’s Niagara Falls.

Now thru the initiative of Local Government of Bislig City to maintain the beauty of the hidden place for those who came here. Tinuy-an falls is one of the widest in the country. It has a 3 tiered falls with a total height of 55 meters and a bathing width area of 95 meters. Cool atmosphere with presence of dipterocarp trees, ferns orchids and vine along bank of river; multi layered riverbed of stone skillfully crafted by natures; and formation of rainbow rays from 9 am to 11 am. It is the best experience while you are entering you will feel the cold to welcome you. I feel happy while watching the waters falling from the top falls as it enticing you. On the third part of the falls you can see the surroundings below. Frigid water and while you are sitting on the second part of the falls you can feel every smash of the water to your back.

You can get up close and personal with this lovely tourist spot at the main viewing area easily accessed via wooden bridge. The bamboo raft allows more daring tourist to go closer to main water falls. Don’t forget to have your picture taken on the main viewing area, with the cascades at the background and foreground. If you’re lucky, you could even get a photo with the unique rainbow rays in the water! That would surely make you glad.

delectable paradise because it gradually changed the lifestyle of the people here and they thought that the hidden places that will give hope to their lives. I then took part in this hidden paradise that I am not supposed to recognized this area to other country and I enjoyed one of the best go can be seen in your home town.

It was one of the most picturesque waterfalls. Tinuy-an is a must visit destination for every outdoor enthusiast who love to see the beauty of nature at its magnificence. There is no need for trekking at the end of the road going there lie’s this magnificent beauty of nature. Seeing this huge water falls made you feel insignificant and powerless against the nature. Humans cannot control her, cannot go against her will.

Whatever action you take to attempt to contain her can easily be crushed if she wants to. She can reclaim what is hers without a moment’s notice or through the passage of time. The terraced rocks, naturally and skillfully hand carved by the mythical unseen hand, act as natural steps that you can use to ascend the fourth tier of the waterfalls. The thick canopied forest is home to many species of birds, which make the place an excellent haven for bird watchers. Mother nature does have her way to keeping her most beautiful attributes tucked away in remote areas, ensuring that these stunning features are preserved and keep intact as must as possible. It you are mother nature lover this is the best spot you are going to explore and see the true beauty inside the Tinuy-an falls. Try the best experience as many people told about this nature.

Per year much has come to this place for vacation and glimpse the beauty of the falls not only Pilipino but also tourist.

The hidden paradise before is now one of the best paradise in the Philippines.           
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