Exploring Yolanda’s Landfall

Exploring Yolanda’s Landfall Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
Palo Leyte "Yolanda" by: www.cbcpnews.com I was born from Province of Leyte but living in Davao for 5 years living with my ...
Palo Leyte "Yolanda" by: www.cbcpnews.com

I was born from Province of Leyte but living in Davao for 5 years living with my wife and daughters. The day before the typhoon Yolanda, I am watching the urgent announcement of our President Benigno S. Aquino, giving  a serious warning about the supper typhoon which will land fall in Visayas area.

President warned them to be vigilant and prepare enough. Those people near the seas are being forced to evacuate because it is the strongest typhoon in the world. After announcement had been said I texted my family in Leyte checking them if the typhoon already landfall in our town and if already prepared some emergency kit. My father replied that time the weather is good    but have some rainfall he said. I said ok papa take care all of you.

Around 4am the time of land fall of typhoon Yolanda I texted my family again to check  but sad to say they did not reply. Around 6 am I opened the T.V. to get some news and info about the typhoon just as exactly Love Añover  of GMA news was giving on live report about our home town saying that typhoon has already landed, electricity has been shutdown saying that the typhoon has already landed, electricity has been shutdown and the cell site signal was being down by the typhoon.
After that report no more news had been aired anymore. I waited for long hours until at around 8pm a reporter of ABS-CBN had reported via satellite connection that the typhoon had done huge damage of properties, houses, infrastructure, crops, tress, and even lives. That people living near the sea was been washed out. At that time tears fell down and my heart beats so fast, I can’t sleep knowing my families are there and so I prayed  and prayed for the safe of my families.

Every day I open the television hoping  and praying that I get news about my family and hometown, after 5 days of long waiting I decided to travel to Leyte via Land trip for 24 hours. It was my longest  hour in my life sitting in a bus waiting and waiting to arrive in there. In my bag I brought with me some clothes, medicine, hygiene kit, flashlight, and food and water. After 24 hours of travel finally I arrived in Leyte. It was terribly damage and I cried again I couldn't believe it was happening. I can see their faces, hungry, searching for their love ones, seeking for help. Casualties are everywhere it was really a disaster. At last I arrived in Palo Leyte my home town it was indeed a mixed of emotions walked faster to reach our house.

Thanks God my family were all there. I was so happy, I cannot explain. It’s a wonderful gift to see that even though our house was been damage but the most important thing is my family. They were all okay. They survived the typhoon . THANKS TO GOD….       
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