Filipino Thing-“Proud To Be Pinoy”

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You’re a Filipino if you say “PO” and “OPO” . A way of respecting the elders as well as to other people. You’re a Filipino if you “ma...

Proud Pinoy
You’re a Filipino if you say “PO” and “OPO”. A way of respecting the elders as well as to other people. You’re a Filipino if you “mano” to the hand of your grandfather, grandmother, parents and everyone who are older to you. It’s natural for us to do this kind of act.

Filipino celebrates Christmas months before December. Starting September, you can see people’s houses decorated with Christmas tree with different sizes. And there’s Christmas lights and lantern with unique style. Exchange gift is present too. And there’s “Simbang Gabi”, dawn of December 16 where it started until the day of Christmas Eve. During the mass, you would hear the priest say “Why is it that every “Simbang Gabi” many people goes to church while on a normal Sunday only few just came?.” After hearing this, the people would just laugh about it. Not thinking that this kind of act should stop.
And I would just say that if you complete the nine masses, you could wish anything and that wish will be granted. Outside the church, there are a lot of vendors selling any kinds of “kakanin” like puto, biko, suman, bibingka, cassava or it could be just bread like pandesal. Hot coffee is present too. So it is expected for us Filipino to eat after the mass.

You had as appointment like meeting with your officemates and you decided to meet up at 9 o’ clock in the morning and you arrived at 10 o’ clock. This is one of the Filipino’s characteristics that are so unique. You arrive one hour late or more before the said time. And because Filipino is so unique in our little ways we call it “PINOY TIME”

If you’re a Filipino be proud of it. Though Philippines are a third- world country there are some things that we could be proud of. At least we have 7,107 Islands, Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Boracay, Banaue Rice Terraces and even the one of the new 7 wonders of nature which is the underground river is located here in the Philippines, specially in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan. It is truly more fun in the Philippines.

Philippines had Narra as the national tree, mango as the national fruit and Lupang Hinirang as the National anthem of the country. Having your own identity is such a big deal. And pretending to be someone else is another issue. So for you to understand who are and what you are well you need to act properly according to your own identity.

Behind all the issues our country facing right now, there’s still some things that you can do, to do things you wanted. After all, Filipinos are also known for its great personality which is being positive in life and not letting problems bring them down. Even we experience storm, conflict in politics or Filipino fighting against Filipino. We at least make it a point to put smile and laugh in our faces. And to ask for guidance and strength to our Lord above. 
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