Compostela Valley On It’s Way To The Top!

Compostela Valley On It’s Way To The Top! Arnel Cartoneros 5 of 5
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Compostela Valley is a province located in the Davao Region in Mindanao.A close-knitted cluster of municipalities who dedicate themselves for the good of the entire province. The capital municipality is Nabunturan. Compostela Valley is the third newest province in the Philippines after Dinagat Islands and Zamboanga Sibugay after it was declared independent in January 31, 1998. It is a fast economically- growing province with 11 municipalities and 237 barangays divided into two districts. The province now has abundant of public schools for the convenience of the youth’s education and so with private schools which caters kindergarten to college, productive business investors, convenient health care centers to immense hospitals.

The province are looked up by investors and prospectors who are interested both business and leisure. It has been projected that by 2030, Compostela Valley will be one of the richest provinces in the country. Despite the glorious achievements, the province never forget it’s origin.

To give proof to this, are the presence of our native tribes like the Mansaka, Mandaya, Dibabawons, Mangguangans and Aeta groups such as the Talaingod, Langilan, and Matigsalug., who thrive in peace at the heart of the mountains. The province is also disciplined haven where there is curfews and barangays officers are doing their duties to bring peace and order.

But the best asset of Compostela Valley is it’s panoramic view of nature. Like the aesthetic water falls of Maragusan and Baylo Falls of Monkayo, the trekable hills of Mt. Candalaga and Mt. Diwata, the sparkling river of Agusan, steamy hot springs of Nabunturan, highland resorts like Haven’s peak and even miniature bat caves even the largest flower Rafflesia can be found here.

The land is also full of God’s grace, we have a land rich of Platinum, mines of countless gold ores, crops such as rice, coconut, cacao, coffee, papaya, mango, pineapple, durian and banana.

Besides nature, Compostela Valley has celebrations and festivals which unites the people of all municipalities together. Like Kariyawan Festival of Mongkayo, Simballay Festival of Nabunturan, AniBina Bulawanon Festival which is the founding festival of the province, Buganihan festival of Compostela, Diwanag Festival of Montevista, Kaimunan Festival of Maco and the Pyagsawitan Festival of Maragusan. And what the province has now, it’s youth can improve.

The youth of this land is already excelling nationally in the fields of visual arts, performing arts, invention of new technologies, finding substitute cures for illnesses, sports and political science. Therefore, I can say that the Compostela Valley Province is a winner not only economically but also spiritually with the hard work of it’s inhabitants. That is why the province is active in sports meets, outreach programs, reforestation activities and other programs is because to regain camaraderie amongst men and extend help to the less fortunate and simply to give gratitude to one who gave us these blessings, Our Almighty God.  

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