Afraid Of Love

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Once you’ve been hurt, you’re so scared to get attached again. You gave this fear that everyone you like is gonna break your heart. ...

Afraid Of Love
Once you’ve been hurt, you’re so scared to get attached again. You gave this fear that everyone you like is gonna break your heart.

Can you imagine a world without love? can you imagine people without sensation? can you imagine a world with nothing but hatred?

You don’t. There is always a certain portion in every people’s heart that feels the love. So I believe that it will never ever happen the love in the world will be gone. As the old saying goes, love makes the world round. I concur. Without love, we will not be here.

They say the love is the greatest feeling of them all but why is it there are people who are badly hurt by this four- letter word? We all feel this but not everybody becomes happy.

And that is the reason why there are people who are afraid of love. They have had enough pains in their past and they can’t endure and bear them any longer. They don’t want to be in hell again so the tendency is that they will try their best to avoid the feeling. But avoiding it makes it harder and hurtful. Based on experience, they became afraid of love.

But there are also people who are afraid of this not because they’ve been there before but because of other person’s experience or stories. They become afraid because they don’t want to experience what others have endured.

I wonder why people became afraid of this L-O-V-E. Is it some kind of monster lurking in the dark and any moment will grapple and gobble you? Why would they be afraid to a feeling? If in this, they can find heaven.

Yes, there might be pains and heartaches but they are part of the process. They are needed to have balance. If everything about this love will all be good times, do you think it will teach you to love more? Do you think it will have the title of being the greatest? Ups and downs are parts of its greatness.

But can’t blame those people who are afraid of love. Yes, it is just a feeling but being broken with this sucks. It even kills. I can’t explain why love hurts that much. It scars our heart literally and emotionally. It scars as if our hearts have been stabbed badly by sharp object.

I can say no more about this thing because we have our own beliefs and feelings. But one thing is for sure, love is only for those who are brave and ready to risk it all. It has no place to the hearts of the cowards. Love is a risk that only people with strong hearts can take. It may have uncertainties but how could you know if you don’t dare to love?

I think that’s exactly why we are afraid of love. Because in truth been told we do know that it’s possible to actually love someone too much, we know the possibility does exist. Isn’t that crazy- to love someone too much? We also do know love always ends unfortunate. Even if love lasts a whole lifetime there comes a time when we are torn apart by death, which frightens me a lot.

But then we got to think like this as well, even how miserably love seems to end it doesn’t mean the ending reveals the history we’ve shared together. Even though love sometimes hurt really badly we also have to remember how good it makes us feel. It makes us feel free, like we can live forever. Love is like a movie- you cannot dislike a wonderful movie with a bad ending- it’s just not possible to feel sad and angry about the bad ending if the rest of the movie felt like a dream.     
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